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Paul Goodyear

Interview Pt. 3 – The Producer
Mark Alsop @ work (1989)

hotdiscomix: You have produced several mixed compilation CDs, among these “Central Energy 10” and “Sleaze Ball 2002 - In Uniform”, for Central Station Records.  Can you use any song for such CDs or must you heed instructions from the record company?

Paul Goodyear: Usually you come up with about 60 to 70 tracks you would like to use.  The record company that is putting the mixed compilation out will then try and get the clearances on those tracks.  Out of 60 or 70 you might end up with 20 to 25 tracks you can use.  You then have to choose out of those which ones you really want on the compilation.  So, no, you can't use any song you like. Wouldn't it be great if you could?  I think the mixed compilation CD days have hit their peak and they're not as big as what they once were.  There are some really good ones out there and some really bad ones, too!

hotdiscomix: You teamed up with Melbourne’s Nathan G to create “Lifestylus”.  Under this name, you produced your own songs and remixes (e.g. Taylor Dayne’s come-back hit “How Many”).  Please tell me about this project.

Paul Goodyear: I was in New York a couple of years ago, staying with producer and DJ Tony Moran.  While we were at dinner, he was telling me about the new Taylor Dayne track that he had written and produced for a film called Circuit.  He asked if I would like to do a remix of it and, being the big Taylor Dayne fan that I am, how could I refuse?  So I came back to Australia and phoned up Nathan G.  He flew up from Melbourne and we went straight into the studio to start work on the track.  Nathan and I have been friends for years and stay in contact regularly.  We work very well together as a team.  We are both very different when it comes to DJing and production, but when we work together we just have a great bond.  We have just finished a very ’80s-sounding electro track called “Strong To Survive”.  We hope to do this as a single.

hotdiscomix: Who is the “voice” for your Lifestylus songs?

Paul Goodyear: We don’t really have one voice.  We like to use different vocalists on our productions.

hotdiscomix: So far what has been the biggest triumph from Lifestylus?

Paul Goodyear: We had a track called “Spinnin’” out on a progressive house label called Vapour recordings, about 2 years ago.  The track got plays from people like Phil K, John Digweed and Satoshi Tomiie.  It did quite well in sales and ended up on a Phil K compilation.

We also had success with the Lifestylus remix we did with Taylor Dayne’s hit “How Many”, which got a U.S. release and went to no. 8 on the Billboard Dance Charts.  We are working on more material together.

With producing your own track, there is nothing like it, especially when you hear other DJs playing your track out.

hotdiscomix: How would you describe the style of the album you are working on?

Paul Goodyear: I have only finished a couple of the tracks so far.  The LP will showcase my many different styles of music that I like.  I will be collaborating with a few different people on this project and musically it will have everything on it from house to tribal to trance and commercial.  I hope to finish it in the next six to eight months.

hotdiscomix: For a track on this album, you collaborated with Tony Moran, one half of the former Latin Rascals.  What role did he play in this production?

Paul Goodyear: We are still getting the vocals organized for this.  Tony is based in New York City.  I wrote the song as an instrumental here in Australia and he has written really great lyrics to go with it.  The original vocals were to be done with Kevin Aviance from NYC.  But that didn’t work out, however, so we are looking for another vocalist.

hotdiscomix: Do you already have a release company for this album?

Paul Goodyear: No I don’t have a deal as of yet.  When it is finished, I will shop it around and see who wants to put it out.

hotdiscomix: Which of your capacities — DJing, remixing or full production — do you prefer and why?

Paul Goodyear: I LOVE DJing.  That is what I am most passionate about first.  It is what I have always done and I relate to a crowd really well.  I think I have a few years more in me when it comes to DJing.  With remixing tracks from scratch, I get a real sense of accomplishment when the project is finished.  With producing your own track, there is nothing like it, especially when you hear other DJs playing your track out.  This is where I am heading more and more.  I also want to learn how to write songs.

hotdiscomix: Are there any final thoughts or news that you would like to share?

Paul Goodyear: This industry is getting more and more competitive everyday.  It is a hard industry to work in but when things are going right, there really is nothing else like it!  Just believe in what you do.  Remember, variety is the spice of life.

Thank you for the interview, Steffen.

hotdiscomix: Paul, I have to say thank you for your time and all the interesting facts that you told us.


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