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Brother Beyond and The Cover Girls:

Kicking off Disconet's 12th. Year Anniversary Program, is "Be My Twin" by Brother Beyond, on Capitol Records.  This power pop/dance tune is the follow up to the hit single "Act For Love", and is from Brother Beyond's debut LP, "Get Even".  The Disconet edit includes an extended intro, an exciting new break and other floor packing surprises.  Those gorgeous ladies of dance, The Cover Girls, are next, with "My Heart Skips A Beat" on Capitol Records.  This out-of-the-box pop/dance hit is from the Girls' "We Can't Go Wrong" LP.  Dennis Muyet's inspiring party house edit will make your crowd's heart skip a beat.

SIDE A RUNS:  7:16 at 119 BPM, and 7:14 at 122 BPM.

Sharon Redd and Donny Osmond:

Side B starts off with Sharon Redd's all time disco classic "In The Name Of Love" on Unidisc-Prelude Records.  Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles created this megamix especially for Disconet's 12th. anniversary, adding new strings, horns, sound effects, and a saxophone & mandolin break.  Next is "Hold On" by Donny Osmond on Capitol Records.  This is the third single from his dynamic self-titled LP.  Mike Carroll has created a floor packing version of "Hold On", with non-stop surprises and edit gimmickry.

SIDE B RUNS:  10:03 at 128 BPM, and 7:40 at 120 BPM.

The Sandra Medley and Narada Michael Walden:

Bonus Side 1 ignites with "The Sandra Medley."  This 6-song megamix of Virgin Records international sensation, was produced by Steven Von Blau & Ricky Condon (Decadance NYC).  The medley song credits are:
1. Secret Land,  2. Heaven Can Wait,  3. Around My Heart,  4. Well Be Together,  5. Everlasting Love,  6. Midnight Man (Virgin Records 1987,88).

"High Above The Clouds" by Narada Michael Walden on Warner Bros. Records is next.  This 1985 club classic has been enjoying recent popularity on the dance floor.  Stephen L. Freeman & John G. Sollas, have created a sunshine state edit that's so hot, it will send you high above the clouds.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  13:02 from 118 BPM to 128 BPM, & 6:45 at 129 BPM.

Vicky Shepard (Remix & Dub):

Bonus Side 2 explodes with Vicki Shepard's pop/dance interpretation of "Somewhere", the "Westside Story" classic.  This electrifying high energy cover was originally produced and arranged by David Lawson (a Chicago based DJ), and Ken Miller.  Nightclub entertainer (Co. & Ca. ski-resorts) Vicki Shepard's, soaring vocals are captivating and spine tingling.  Mark Styles & Steven Von Blau took the master tape into Tuta Aquino's (Prime Cuts NYC) new 24 track room, produced new tracks, remixed and edited.
Special Thanks to Fred, David, & Paul at Importes ETC., Chicago.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:05 (remix) & 6:30 (dub) at 128 BPM.

and more for your floor…

And so it goes:  Disconet celebrates its twelfth anniversary.  To put it simply, I just want to thank everyone who makes Disconet "The Best Remix Service".  I especially would like to extended my gratitude to Pat Rosiello, Mark Styles (the keyboard wiz & co-producer), Mike Carroll, Tuta Aquino, Jim Shelton & staff at Europadisk, Dennis Muyet, Bryan Cronin, Frank Murray, Craig Kostich, Debra Pelton, Cary Vance, Rob Sawyer, Hazel Dean, Pet Shop Boys, Phil Harding, Ian Curnow, Miller Williams, Tilly Rutherford & PWL, Glenn LaRusso, Dean Furgerson, DMR, Giuseppe & Morgan - Central Station Australia, Hans-Double Dutch Holland, Benjamin & Rosalie, David & Andy, Richard, Dr. Fred Held, Henry Stone, Tony Monte, Vince Pelligreno, Mario Rios, Joseph & Art - Razormaid, J.R. Clements, Bobby Shaw, Joel Teitelbaum, Peter Fenton, Bill Cothran, Nino DePersia, Jake & Staff-Record Rack, Chuck Parsons, Wresch - Twelve Inches, Steve- Let The Music Play, Ralf Graf, Terry Sherman, Ian Levine, Ed, Nancy, Peter, Casey Jones, Bernie & Rass - Progressive Label, Jurgen Korduletsch, Doug DiFranco & Deirdre, The Wakils, Ricky & Stan, George Cucuzzella - Unidisc, and Marvin Schlachter.  Also to all the Disc Jockeys, pool directors, producers, reviewers and industry people.  Thanks to everyone for their endless support.

With love, Steven

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