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Madonna and Freddie Jackson:

Let the party begin!  Madonna has arrived with her new smash hit single "Like A Prayer" on Sire Records.  The title track from her new LP, this captivating pop/dance tune further demonstrates Madonna's versatility as an artist.  Tuta Aquino, a favorite with the party crowd, has created a non-stop crowd pleasing, floor packing edit that's like a prayer.  Freddie Jackson keeps the party fresh with his new Capitol Records 12", "Crazy (For Me)."  This explosive R&B/dance tune, with driving percussion and seductive vocal delivery, will drive you crazy.  Dennis "Crazy Man" Muyet went wild and created an out-of-control club edit.

SIDE A RUNS:  6:43 at 112 BPM, and 7:00 at 114 BPM.

Basia and Lime:

Basia, one of today's most talked about international singing sensations, starts off Side B.  "Promises" is the new single from her explosive debut Epic Records LP, "Time and Tide."  This pop/jazz/dance tune is just one of the brilliant vocal sound experiences Basia has to offer; it will surely capture her more stateside followers.  Editing sensation Mike Carroll gave Disconet a brilliant club version that promises to be a crowd pleaser.  "Please Say You Will (Be My Baby)" by Lime is next.  This instant dance floor favorite is from Lime's new album "A Brand New Day" on Karisma/Unidisc.  This cut is simply another classic for Lime, whose been keeping us dancing since 1981.

SIDE B RUNS:  7:08 at 117 BPM, and 7:10 at 116 BPM.

Loleatta Holloway (House Remix) and Etta James:

Do you really wanna party?  Then head for the House of Aquino.  Mark Styles and Tuta Aquino have assembled the acid house 1989 remix of the Loleatta Holloway classic "Love Sensation."  Mark and Tuta constructed a powerhouse acid production.  They used only the vocal tracks from the original mix to create this Disconet exclusive.  "How-Sensation" it is!  The classics keep "Blowin' In The Wind."  This Etta James Disconet classic from 1983 was mixed by Trip Ringwald & Maury Schott.  It should easily find a special spot on your playlist.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  6:40 at 122 BPM, and 5:15 at 123 BPM.

Kylie Minoaue and Stefan Dennis:

Native Australian Kylie Minogue ignites Bonus Side 2 with "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi."  This is her new single on Geffen Records (Stateside) from her megahit debut album "Kylie."  This mid-tempo romantic energy record, with driving bass, moving percussion and a captivating, seductive soaring vocal, was originally a hot import single.  It has now been remixed for its domestic release.  Staying tuned in to the teley showing the hit show "Neighbour," we see yet another singing pop wonder.  Stefan Dennis follows former co-star Kylie Minogue, showing that he too is a vocal wonder.  His dance/rock single on Central Station Records Pty. Ltd. will quickly filter in as, a hot import from Australia.  J.R. Clements, a talented young mate, did an edit that's a wonder.  What the hey!  I just gotta say, "Throw another shrimp on the barbie."  You know we love ya down under.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  7:00 at 119 BPM, and 5:30 at 114 BPM.

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