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S-Express and Apollonia:

"Hey Music Lover" by S-Express starts off Disconet's turbo-charged Spring program.  This non-stop sizzling dance single on Capitol Records is sure to fire up a lot of excitement.  "The Funkmaster Himself," Mervyn Jordan, has done it again, creating a "Kick…" edit that leaves you with standing room only.  Next is a brilliant talent whose singing is like a sparkling wine from the Falcon Crest vineyard.  The pick of the crop, it's Apollonia.  "Mismatch" is from Apollonia's self-titled Warner Bros. Records LP.  Dennis Muyet has created a "Mix-'em All" edit that's no mismatch.

SIDE A RUNS:  7:05 at 125 BPM, and 6:05 at 120 BPM.

Moonstone and Brenda Reid & The New Exciters:

They're back!  "The Visitors" by Moonstone on Nightmare Records LTD, ignites our high energy Side B.  This spirited emotional rendition of the 1981 ABBA classic, now interpreted by Ian Levine and Steven Wagner, is sure to become a classic too.  Keyboard wiz Mark Styles and Steven Von Blau added new percussion, electrifying keyboards and sound effects.  They remixed and edited the track to create this special Disconet version.  Ian Levine and Steven Wagner keep the energy going with another sizzling dance record, "Reaching For The Best" by Brenda Reid and the New Exciters on Nightmare Records.  J.R. Clements, who keeps them dancin' at The Rage in Birmingham, AL, created this no-holes-barred power-house edit at Ralph Lindstrom's Music Techniques Studio, AL.

SIDE B RUNS:  8:26 at 132 BPM, and 6:28 at 136 BPM.

Yazz and Milli Vanilli:

The only way is up the charts for Yazz and The Plastic Population's new single "Stand Up For Your Love Rights" on Elektra Records.  "Stand Up…" is an energetic R&B pop/dance tune with dynamic tracks and stylized soaring vocals.  To put it simply, it's a multi-format hit.  The domestic release features exciting new remixes and original U.K. versions.  The non-stop Disconet edit by Steven Von Blau is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Next is "Girl You Know It's True" by Milli Vanilli on Arista Records.  This pop/house tune with a mean driving bass line, soulful melody and sample gimmickries has become a multi-format smash hit.  It be party time with Grandmaster Fax Headroom's golden razor blade house edit.

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  9:28 at 126 BPM, and 5:06 at 99 BPM.

Katie Kissoon and Real Rhythm Tracks:

"I Need A Man In My Life" by Katie Kissoon on Jive/Arista starts our classic re-run presentation.  This 1983 high energy favorite, edited by Gary Otto, originally appeared on Disconet Volume 7 Program 3.  It sounds as fresh and hot today as it did then.  Next is one of the many surprises Valapucci was known for, Real Rhythm Tracks at 130 BPM.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  9:09 at 130 BPM, and 3:08 at 130 BPM.

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