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Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" gets an east side mix by Steven Von Blau.  Flash!!  "Prisoner Of Love" Mildred Scott breaks out from Cut Glass.

The Pet Shop Boys start off our April issue with "West End Girls", the first single from their EMI album, "Please".  Originally released in 1984, "West End Girls" was a hit in the U.K.  Re-recorded and remixed, it's now having a very strong run the second time around.  The original 12" was produced by Stephen Hague and engineered by David Jacob.  Shep Pettibone remixed the dub version of this perennial favorite.  The vocal side was remixed by The Pet Shop Boys and Frank Roszak.  Steven has blended the dub and vocal versions for Disconet, giving us plenty of hot breaks and surprises along the way.

"Prisoner Of Love" is Mildred Scott's debut 4th & Broadway 12" as a solo artist.  Mildred is best known for her appearances as lead vocalist of the disco classic group Cut Glass.  Bruce Nazarian and Duane Bradley produced a powerful and soulful groove, and with Scott's crystal like vocals, this record is a real sparkler.  Background vocals were furnished by Carol Hall and Kathy Kosins.  Raul Rodriguez took out his file and cut into all three versions; radio, "prisoner of the dub", and "prisoner of the groove", and this Disconet special edit will give you many prisoners on your dance floor!!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:37, at 112 BPM (beats per minute).

Arabesque's "Time To Say 'Good Bye'" gets remixed into a high energy love song. Moskwa TV turns up the dance floor power with "Generator 7/8."

"Time To Say 'Goodbye"' by Arabesque starts off this side that comes to us from Germany on ZYX Records.  Produced by Wolfgang Mewes, this all girl group is destined to be a big hit with high energy music lovers everywhere.  The three ladies who are Arabesque; Michalela, Sandra, and Jasmin, remind us of another all girl group, Risque.  Please give 'em a listen.  We've added a long intro and extended breaks to make this a real high energy crowd pleaser.

Moskwa TV is a local group from Frankfurt, Germany. "Generator 7/8" is their first 12" from their Westside album, "Dynamics & Discipline".  Talla, who produced and created Moskwa TV, also runs one of Frankfort's hottest dance music record shops, City Music.  "Generator 7/8" has been given a double remix by Tella and Megatron Team.  It was recorded and mixed at Dynaton Studio in Germany, and engineered by Alexander Henninger.  With a strong electro dance groove and British style pop vocals by Javelin, this cut will generate power on your dance floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 14:56, from 122 to 124 BPM.

Yes, we know how late it is, but can we "Baby Talk."  Ray DeVita & John DaRu give Alisha a fresh groove.  Whitney Houston asks Henry Winslow "How Will I Know?"

"Baby Talk" by Alisha is the third smash hit from her "Alisha" album on Vanguard Records.  Although "Baby Talk" has been all over the clubs and airwaves, when we heard this incredible mix by Ray DeVita and John DaRu we knew it deserved another listen.  Ray and John study at the Center for The Media Arts in New York City, and play at clubs in Westchester, N.Y. in their spare time.  They have been playing in clubs for six years, but have been editing for less than a year.  We think they have a great future ahead of them.

Next is Whitney Houston with her latest hit "How Will I Know" from her self entitled album on Arista Records.  It's no surprise that she has become an instant sensation as a solo artist.  With her endless credits as a background sessions vocalist, and her family heritage, stardom was inevitable.  Henry Winslow took advantage of the original European mixes in bringing this remix to Disconet.  He spiced up the intro, added a fun break, and more surprises to excite your crowd.  Henry plays at Moonshadow and at The Palladium in New York City.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 15:12, from 116 BPM to 119 BPM.

Jennifer Rush's "Ave Maria" gets an edit of a different kind.  Miami Sound Machine's "Bad Boy" gets handled by bad boy Raul.

"Ave Maria", from Jennifer Rush's latest CBS album "Movie"', is a real early morning pleaser.  The album was recorded and mixed at FAR Studios in Germany, and arranged and produced by Gunther Mende and Candy de Rouge.  Rush's classically trained vocals make the entire album a musical treat.  Steven has extended this all too short album cut to work for your floor.

The Miami Sound Machine seems to be keeping the circuits on full speed.  "Bad Boy" is their latest 12" from their Epic/CBS album "Primitive Love".  Although the song, with it's shuffle-beat, is somewhat of a departure in style, it does retain the machine's signature sing-a-long vocals.  The 12" was produced by Emilio Estefan, Jr., and engineered by Michael Hutchinson.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 14:14, from 114 BPM to 184 BPM.

Keith Mann wins a DISCONET subscription. Keith's lucky number from Volume 8, Program 6 (#089) entitles him to receive a free Disconet for the next six months.  Keith's favorite selections on Program 6 were "After The Love Has Gone", and "Todos Buenos".  Keith spins at Falcon in Albany, N.Y.  To be a winner please send in your feedback card, with the serial number, and write neatly so we can read it!!  Good Luck.

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