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The lady in the pink Cadillac has another hit with "Another Night."  Regina's "Baby Love" is sweetened with a Disconet remix.

Once upon a time a real sassy lady jumped into her pink Cadillac and headed for the freeway.  She zoomed into high gear, and to her it just seemed like another night.  For Aretha Franklin our fable is no tale.  With 24 gold records and 14 Grammies (so far), Aretha is a legend in her own time.  Her latest Arista 12", "Another Night", is the third single released from the fantastic "Who's Zoomin' Who?" album.  Raul got out his tools and fine tuned it just for us.

Regina is next with "Baby Love," her new 12" on Funkin' Marvellous Records.  With it's sweet pop appeal it will be a sure hit with your crowd.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:18, from 121 BPM to 117 BPM.

Vicki Love's "Your Love" gets remixed into a high energy romance.  Elizabeth Daily comes out of the shadows and gets down with the "Sunset People."

Vicki Love starts off this high energy side with "Your Love" from her 4th & Broadway album "Sing, Dance, Rap, Romance."  This is another cut from a smashing debut album that has already given us the chart topping hits "Loveride," "Take A Chance," and "Stop Playing On Me."  Quite a start for this 20 year old Queens, New York native.  The album was produced, written, and arranged by Ron Dean Miller for Forever Dream, Inc.  He also mixed the LP cuts with some help from Mark Kamins and Jay Burnett.  Raul and Steven have given this cut a nice long intro, a fun break, and a few other surprises to keep your dance floor pumping.

Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily last appeared on Disconet on Volume 7, Program 10 with "Love In The Shadows" which has become quite a cult hit with the early morning crowd.  She's back stepping up the tempo to a thriving 163 BPM with her cover of "Sunset People" from her new A & M album "Wild Child."  Harold Faltermeyer produced and arranged the cut, and also played keyboards.  He recorded and mixed the cut, along with engineer Brian Reeves, at Arco Studios in Munich.  Raul and Steven have supplied Disconet with an extended edit we know you're gonna love!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:01, from 148 BPM to 163 BPM.

Get into the groove with your 1985 Disconet Top Tune Medley, zoomed together by Superblades Mike Arato, John Matarazzo, and Raul Rodriguez.

The Medley Masters, Mike Arato, John Matarazzo, and Raul A. Rodriguez, have done it again!  19 super hits of 1985 will get your crowd just too turned on and trap them at the point of no return.  Starting off at 105 BPM, your audience will be dancing in the key of life.  They'll get into the groove, do the conga, spin around, eat you up, and give you new attitude!  Whew, I wonder how they'll top that in '86?!  The tunes are listed below in order of play.  Thanks for sending in your votes.

Song Artist Courtesy 1985 Writer(s)
"Too Turned On" Alisha Vanguard A.Forbes
"Who's Zoomin' Who" Aretha Franklin Arista Walden-Glass-Franklin
"Thinking About Your Love" Skipworth & Turner 4th & Broadway/Island Skipworth-Turner
"Dare Me" Pointer Sisters RCA Lorber-Innis
"Do You Wanna Get Away" Shannon Mirage/Emergency C.Barbosa
"I Wonder If I Take You Home" Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force Personal/Columbia 1984 Full Force
"Dancing In The Key Of Life" Steve Arrington Atlantic S.Arrington-I.Arrington
"Trapped" Colonel Abrams MCA M.Freeman-C.Abrams
"Into The Groove" Madonna Sire/WB Madonna-S.Bray
"Point Of No Return" Exposé Arista L.A.Martinee
"Conga" Miami Sound Machine Epic/CBS E.E.Garcia
"I Like You" Phyllis Nelson Carrere/CBS P.Nelson
"Lover Come Back To Me" Dead Or Alive Epic/CBS Dead Or Alive
"You Spin Me Round" Dead Or Alive Epic/CBS 1984 Dead Or Alive
"Freeway Of Love" Aretha Franklin Arista N.M.Walden-J.Cohen
"Perfect Kiss" New Order QWest/WB New Order
"Eat You Up" Angie Gold Passion/U.K. A.Kyte-T.Baker
"We Close Our Eyes" Go West Chrysalis P.Cox-R.Drummie
"New Attitude" Patti LaBelle MCA J.Gilutin-B.Hull

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 15:59, from 105 BPM (beats per minute) to 138 BPM.

Disconet winks at "Eye to Eye" by T.M.F.  Christer Modig and Boris Granich don't hold back on their remix of Paul Rein's "Hold Back Your Love."

"Eye To Eye" by T.M.F., featuring Joe "Bean" Esposito, is just one of several great songs coming from Germany lately.  Steven Von Blau has used sections of all three mixed on the Teldec 12" to provide this very special Disoonet version for you.

Paul Rein completes this side with "Hold Back Your Love."  Paul is a young, up-and-coming singer/composer from Sweden looking to attract an international audience.  Assisting him with this effort are Christer Modig and Boris Granich for EAM, short for Eagle American Marketing.  Christer and Boris have taken the best parts of the two available language versions from the Alpha 12" and have given us a smooth blend that will quickly grab your attention.  "Hold Back Your Love" has a high energy level and "Frankie-like" feeling that should easily please a variety of audiences.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 14:27, at 124 BPM.

Ford Stuart wins a DISCONET subscription. The lucky winner from Volume 8, Program 5 is Ford Stuart, a Dixie Dance King from Savannah, Georgia.  Ford has been spinning for 8 years and currently plays at Who's Who, one of Savannah's largest clubs.  Lucky pressing serial number #379 was a winner for Ford, who's favorite cut on Program 5 was Jennifer Holliday's "No Frills Love."  All five songs that Ford voted for as strongest of 1985 appear on the medley this month.  How lucky can you get?!  You could be the next lucky winner.  Send in your feedback card, include your serial number from the jacket, and write neatly.

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