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Diana Ross' "Swept Away" gets the Disconet treatment.  Jose "Animal" Diaz remixes Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You."

Diana Ross is back with her strongest album ever, and the titled track "Swept Away" is starting the dance action for RCA.  The song was written by Daryl Hall and Sara Allen, with the spoken introduction written by Diana herself.  Daryl produced with Arthur Baker, and the combination of these many talents makes for a very special production.  There's quite a bit to play with on the 12" vocal/instrumental pressing, which have been combined here into a special extended edit.

Chaka Khan is next with "I Feel For You", from her new Warner Brothers album.  She has been singing since age 15, joined the Chicago group American Breed (famous for "Bend Me, Shape Me") which became known as Rufus.  Chaka did the lead vocals, and their 1972 debut album with "Tell Me Something Good" written by Stevie Wonder went on to sell 3 million copies.  "I'm Every Woman" put Chaka on the solo act hall of fame.  "I Feel For You" begins with a serious rap by Melle Mel, and has some great Stevie Wonder harmonica passages.  Arif Mardin produced the original tracks, which have been specially extended for you by Jose "Animal" Diaz who keeps New Jersey's famous Panache jumping.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:33, from 121 BPM to 126.

Gary Otto gives Katie Kissoon a 9+ "Man" in her life.  Real Rhythm Tracks (130) pump!

"I Need A Man In My Life" by Katie Kissoon has become an energy favorite across the country, and the Jive/Arista 12" commercial version has been eloquently edited for this Disconet by none other than Gary Otto, of Boom Boom Room fame, bringing the biggest, the boldest, and the best to Laguna Beach.  Ken Gold and Pete Q. Harris produced the original tracks in London, which were engineered and mixed by Bryan "Chuck" New.

You and your audience will particularly enjoy the way Gary has created extended breaks here and there, with some golden blade edits knitting the dub and vocal versions back and forth.

Real Rhythm Tracks, at 130 BPM, follow.  Program 2 had these at 115 BPM, and by popular demand, they're now here at a faster pace.  Great for long segways, for "the blue Chevy is being towed" announcements, underneath old records which have no rhythm, and whatever.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 12:17 at 130 BPM (beats per minute.)

Maria Vidal's "Body Rock" gets extended for your dance floor.  And here come the Rok-etz with "Under The Sun."

Maria Vidal's "Body Rock" is getting instant floor acceptance from the EMI-America 12" and LP movie soundtrack.  Maria's debut solo outting lets her shine in a track reminescent of "Fame" and "Gloria", produced by Phil Galdston and Sylvester Levay with Phil Ramone as executive producer.  John "Jellybean" Benitez did the vocal and dub 12 mixes, which have been combined here in extended form with slightly more musical emphasis.

The Rok-etz are next with "Under The Sun", from their new CGD/Italy album entitled "Imperception."  The group (known as The Rockets within Italy) have made eight albums since 1976, and have become one of Europe's most popular recording groups.  Sal Solo (formerly of the British group Classic Nouveau) now provides lead vocals, and production credits on "Under The Sun" go to Carmelo LaBionda of LaBionda fame.  In addition to the very danceable overall groove, there are sprinklings of electronics which the group has been famous for throughout the track.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 13:07, from 121 BPM to 125.

"The Fight" by Norma Lewis gets mixed by Raul and Steven.  Life Force with "Invitation" keeps them jumping.

Norma Lewis was born and raised in London, hit the jackpot with "Maybe This Time" in 1983, toured with Imagination in 1982 as a backup singer and with Shakatak as lead… and is now back with her third ERC/U.K. single entitled "The Fight (For The Single Family.)"  Phil Harding produced and engineered at Odyssey in London, and the song deals with the single woman's fight to raise a family on her own.

Raul and Steven have taken the vocal and dub versions of "Fight", and have extended the song into a special version exclusively for this Disconet program complete with the special breaks and rhythm patterns which have made Raul famous around the world.

Another great energy dance song from the U.K. is next… "Invitation" by Life Force.  The Polo vocal and instrumental versions have been made into a special extended edit for you, and the electronic effects make a good marriage with the basic dance groove.  Rob Davis and Colin Peters produced, and Rob did the original mix with Andy Gierus.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 16:50, beginning at 132 BPM and then climbing to 134.

Mark Stephens wins the LCD chronograph. Mark plays at Medusa's and The Loading Dock in Chicago, and the pressing serial number on Program 1 (#1141) matched the lucky winning number for that Disconet.  We've sent Mark the watch that does practically everything.  Mark's favorites were the INXS' "I Send A Message" remix, the Debbie Deb When I Hear Music" remix, and "The Clown" by Electric Theatre.

To win the watch, be sure to return the postpaid feedback card and enter your pressing serial number shown on the upper right hand corner of your SIDE A/SIDE B pressing jacket.  Good luck!

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