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Sparks' "With All My Might" gets the Gary Otto touch.  "Real Rhythm Tracks (115)" help you keep them moving.

Sparks (Ron and Russ Mael) began recording in Europe in 1971, charted pop with "Wonder Girl" and later "Beat The Clock", and are now based in Los Angeles where they completed their 15th album earlier this year.  The Atlantic LP is entitled "Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat", and includes the very danceable "With All My Might."  Gary Otto, who keeps the folks jumping in Laguna Beach's famous Boom Boom Room, has provided a special Disconet edit including a special looped break that should be really fun with your crowd.  Ian Little produced the original tracks, which were engineered by Steve Bates at Oasis in Los Angeles.

A very handy 3½ minutes of "Real Rhythm Tracks" follow.  They're at a funky 115 BPM, complete with some fine sounding congas.  Use them as a bridge when your crowd is in a real trance, or try overlaying some older classics which lack today's biting percussion sounds yet sound fresh and new with real rhythm underneath.  And at 45 RPM (instead of 33 1/3), they become a 135 BPM rhythm track.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 12:05, from 114 BPM (beats per minute) to 115 BPM.

1980 flashback!  The one and only Johnny George/Mick Oliver "Master Mix Medley."  Alides Hidding's "Hollywood Seven."

The vivid imagination and golden blades of Indianapolis and Chicago club DJs Johnny George and Mick Oliver originally fired up dance floors in 1980 when their classic "Master Mix Medley" was programmed on Disconet.  If you're new to playing, Johnny and Mick provide an excellent sampling of the best of 1979 and 1980 from Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" to John Davis' "Ain't That Enough For You."

We continue to receive requests for an encore presentation of this set, so here it is to complete our 'summer reruns' this season with the high energy party spirit that reflects the dance music of late 1979/early 1980.  The set goes right into "Hollywood Seven" by Alides Hidding.  This Polydor single made some waves in Europe in 1980, and remains today a melodic, Harry Chapinlike ballad of a girl from Omaha who tried to make it in Hollywood.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:52 from a whosh to 116 BPM.

M+M's "Cooling The Medium" gets the Raul Dance Mix.  Ed Smit mixes Bianca Bonelli's "Je Veux L'Amour (Follow Me)."

Martha Johnson and Mark Gane teamed up in the mid-1970s as Martha and The Muffins, and began developing their band's sound in Toronto clubs.  Their music has evolved over several albums, they've had three Juno award nominations (Canada's equivalent of the U.S. grammies), and now they're known as M+M with a big club and radio hit "Black Stations/White Stations" putting them solidly on the U.S. map.  Their new RCA album, called "Mystery Walk" has ten selections demonstrating M+M's talents.  "Cooling The Medium" is their next 12" release, remixed by Raul A. Rodriguez at Unique in New York and previewed here in a special extended version combining the vocal and dub sides.  Daniel Lanois produced with Martha and Mark.

Bianca Bonelli is next with "Je Veux L'Amour (Follow Me)", remixed by Amsterdam's Ed Smit for her Break/Holland 12" single.  The Adams & Fleisner production continues the resurging flow of energy music from Europe, with Ed's own special style of edits to keep them jumping.  Give it a few listens and watch it catch on!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 16:12, from 140 BPM to 145.

Bill Kelly remixes Jay Novelle's "If This Ain't Love."  Giorgio Moroder's "Machines" gets extended for your floor.

Jay Novelle's "If This Ain't Love" has kept the Shannon sound pumping from Emergency, and this is probably the best yet from producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa.  The original vocal and dub versions, mixed by Mark, Chris and Chris Alge, have been knitted together into a new, extended version for you by Bill Kelly.  Kelly's new Disconet version gives the song a whole new perspective coming from years of experience as one of south Florida's leading club DJs… be sure to check him out at the world-famous Copa in Ft. Lauderdale!

Another excellent movie soundtrack album…"Metropolis"…is now crossing dance floors.  The Columbia album was produced by Giorgio Moroder, who has reconstructed Fritz Lang's classic 1926 motion picture into a contemporary message greatly aided by some excellent music.  "Machines" is used throughout the film as a basic theme, and has been substantially lengthened for you in this special Disconet version.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 14:37, at 119 BPM.

Roger Le Lievre wins the LCD chronograph. Roger plays at The Rubaiyat in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and his pressing serial number for Volume 6, Program 13 (#747) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Roger's favorite selections on that program were the remixes of "Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons, "Rhythm Of The Street" by Patti Austin, and "Black Stations/ White Stations" by M+M.  We've sent Roger the watch that does practically everything.

To win the watch, be sure to return the postpaid feedback card and enter the pressing serial number on your Side A/Side B jacket.  Good luck!

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