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Trip & Maury remix Etta James' "Blowin' In The Wind."  Ed Smit with Digital Emotion's "Humanity."

Etta James began singing in the St. Paul Baptist Church Choir in Los Angeles, and was discovered as one of the three "Peaches" by Johnny Otis.  Her first record was "Dance With Me Henry", followed by a string of hits in the 1960s on the Argo label.  Bobby DJ programmed "Love Sick Blues" by Etta on an early Disconet, and her talents were recently spotted by San Francisco DJs Trip Ringwald and Maury Schott on Arrival's gospel LP entitled "The Heart And Soul of Etta James."  Etta brings real emotion and feeling to Bob Dylan's classic "Blowin' In The Wind", which Trip and Maury have edited to make it easier for you to program.

Digital Emotion, from Holland, appeared last year on Disconet with "Get Up, Do You Wanna Funk", and their latest release on Break has been specially remixed by Ed Smit for this Disconet.  Adams and Fleisner wrote and produced "Humanity" for Cat Music, and Ed's remix brings added dimension to the tracks.  In addition to a basic dance groove and pleasing female backgrounds, there's a serious rap along the way as well.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:02, from 123 BPM to 126 BPM.

The Buggers' "Bugger Groove" and LaFleur's "Dub 'Till We' Drop" get special Disconet edits.

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night, along come The Buggers with "Bugger Groove."  Jose "Animal" Diaz co-wrote and co-produced the song with Carlos DeJesus, of New York "Hot Tracks" and WKTU fame.  Derin Young, Cyre Rodriguez and Maren Carlsen provide some of the vocals which float throughout the street track, and the "Bugger Groove" should haunt your dance floor after a few plays.  The Manhole 12" release has a vocal and dub version, which have been combined in this special Disconet version.

The dub version of "Dance Till We Drop" by LaFleur is next, from their High Fashion Music/Dureco Dutch 12".  It's called "Dub Till We Drop", and was produced by Ben Liebrand, Sander Bos and LaFleur (who also did the arrangements.)  Ben did the dub mix at Dureco's studios in Holland.  The drums and percussion carry the song, but the occasional hints of music are pleasing and may lead you to check out the vocal side on the import.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 13:45, from 119 BPM to 124 BPM.

Kimberlee Wertz's "I'll Bake Me A Man" and Turbo's "Let Me Kiss It" get mixed to move!

Kimberlee Wertz was born in Dayton, Ohio, and grew up in south Florida receiving her Bachelor of Music degree at The University of Miami School of Music.  With club and cruise ship appearances behind her, as well as background sessions for Maurice Gibb and Julio Iglesias, Kimberlee's first solo release is a PanDisc 12" single called "I'll Bake Me A Man."  The song was originally recorded by Barbara Acklin on Brunswick in 1974, and the new version is spiced with electronic flair as produced by Eric Schilling, Joe Galdo, Larry Dermer and Bo Crane.  We used the dub and TV tracks to extend the vocal into this special Disconet version for you.  So get out your Shake And Bake, and bake 'em a man!

Turbo is next with a new remix of "Let Me Kiss It", from the U.S.A. 12".  Scott Allan and Bobby DeSantis wrote the song, Scott produced it, and William L. DePascale was executive producer.  Juan Hielscher (of JDC Records in California) did the remix which provides more breathing space between these very pop tracks, and the song now runs 5 minutes.  Since Juan has "made it better", let them kiss it now and see what happens to your dance floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 12:30, from 117 BPM (beats per minute) to 140 BPM.

Double Dee & Steinski do it again!  Lady D "You Got Me Runnin'", and A+ "Graduation" for par-ty-ing.

Double Dee & Steinski, who's "Play That Beat, Mr. DJ" remix has been burning up the airwaves and turntables, are back with "Lesson Two (The James Brown Mix.)"  Clips from "Sex Machine", "Popcorn", "Get Up Offa That Thing", "I Got Ants In My Pants" and "Get On The Good Foot" make this a tribute to the dance energy of James Brown, with cameo appearances along the way with that special Double Dee & Steinski touch by Malcolm McLaren, Junior, Afrikaa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, Sly and The Family Stone, G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid, and Frankie Smith.

Lady D is next with a special edit of her Fleetwood 12" single, "You Got Me Runnin'."  Lady D (Diane Humes) is from Buffalo, New York, and her brother, Lemul Humes, wrote and produced.  Earl Sellers was executive producer.  The Mark Berry/Issy Sanchez mix on the 12" has a vocal and dub version, which were combined for this special Disconet version.

And just in time for the prom and graduation parties you may play comes a new group from New York called 'A+' with a nice ballad entitled "Graduation."  Ricardo Marrero and Carlos DeJesus produced for Two Musketeers Records.  It's a special song for special occasions, and could be that special ingredient in your evening's repertoire to make them remember your own special music.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 13:44, from 112 BPM to 107 BPM.

Brian Burke wins the LCD chronograph. Brian plays at Cafe LaFitte in New Orleans, and the pressing serial number on Volume 6, Program 9 (#540) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Brian's favorite selections included Valapucci's remix of Shannon's "Give Me Tonight", Glenn Howard's remix of Kim Wilde's "Sparks", and that fabulous 1983 Top Tune Medley by Mike Arato, John Matarazzo and Raul A. Rodriguez.  To win the watch, be sure to return the postpaid feedback card included with this program.  Good luck!

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