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Whitney Houston, and Belinda Carlisle:

Whitney Houston's new 12", "So Emotional", on Arista Records, ignites Disconet's New Year Blastoff '88.  Once again Whitney does have it all; a number one record, a super remix, and a hot video to match.  Mike Carroll's, Disconet version of "Love Will Save The Day" (Volume 9 Program 12) has become an instant classic.  Now Mike has given us an exciting Megamix of "So Emotional" that will have them going crazy.  "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Belinda Carlisle on MCA Records is next.  Shep Pettibone, the Heaven sent Mixmaster, did the original commercial remix and now Dennis Muyet has created an edit for Disconet, that will have your floor high above the clouds.

SIDE A RUNS:  6:30 at 120 BPM, and 7:35 at 124 BPM.

Mark Styles, Angelica Chaplin, & Erotic Exotic:

The Mad, Bad, and Dangerous, Mark Styles returns with "Midnight Express".  Mark and The Sunshine Crew, have once again created an exciting instrumental with a mean cutting edge bass line, electrifying keyboards, and driving percussion.  So put the needle to the record and, as they say, "pump up the volume".  Angelica Chaplin keeps things groovin' with "Sweet Talk", her new Polygram Records 12".  "Sweet Talk" is a catchy R&B dance tune and a strong follow up to "Anyone Else" (Volume 9 Program 9), also on Polygram Records.  Erotic Exotic keeps up the sweet talk, and promises "(I Can) Give You What You Need".  This power driven percussive dance tune on Sutra Records should easily make it on the radio and in the clubs.

SIDE B RUNS:  5:29 at 126 BPM, 5:45 at 121 BPM, and 6:04 at 126 BPM.

Rick Astley, and The Communards:

"Never Gonna Give You Up", by Rick Astley, is the hottest new international sensation from the U.K.  With its domestic 12" release on R.C.A. Records, "Never Gonna Give You Up" has become a radio favorite and dance floor packer.  This is just one of many great cuts from Rick Astley's album, "Whenever You Need Somebody".  Steven has created an exclusive Disconet Hot Mix with a knock out intro, sizzling break, and some exciting surprises that will ignite your dance floor.  "Never Can Say Goodbye", by The Communards, on MCA Records, is next.  The Communards (Jimmy Somerville and Richard Coles) have an out of the box, high energy chart-topper with this brilliant cover of the Gloria Gaynor classic.  Henry Winslow has created a classic edit that will have your crowd screaming "Never Can Say Goodbye"!

BONUS SIDE 1 RUNS:  7:14 at 114 BPM, and 7:24 at 129 BPM.

Patrick Myles, Diebold & Co, & Nouveau Imaje:

Patrick Myles will heat up your floor with his electrifying high energy 12", "My Heart's On Fire".  This out of the box floor packer is from our prolific friends at Power Records/Canada.  Your crowd will blast off into orbit with this supercharged Disconet version by Mike Carroll (The St. Louis Bomber).  Keeping up the pace is "Your Eyes", the new single from Diebold & Co, on Nightwave Records.  Keep your eyes on the dance floor as your crowd is serenaded by the sweet vocals of Dana Farber.  From the sunshine state (Florida), comes "Passion", a hot new single by Nouveau Imaje.  This fantastic cut is another "Power Mix" by Phil E. Jones Mix.

BONUS SIDE 2 RUNS:  6:30 at 136 BPM, 5:50 at 136 BPM, and 5:04 at 114 BPM.

The Madonna Mega Video

In a first of its kind collaboration, Telegenics (The #1 dance music video service) and Disconet have joined forces to bring you "The Madonna Mega Video".  Matched edit for edit to Disconet's "Madonna Medley II", Telegenics has created a spectacular mega video masterpiece.  The end result: 1,000 audio edits by Tuta Aquino + 1,000 video edits by the Telegenics dance music video experts = (2,000 edits) "The Madonna Mega Video".  That's only the beginning!  Disconet and Telegenics already have several more exciting joint projects in the works.  As part of this exclusive agreement, any Disconet member may call Telegenics (212-227-5966) for further information on ordering "The Madonna Mega Video".

Steven Von Blau and Pat Rosiello wish to thank Glenn Friscia, Thomas R. Deleso, Christopher A. Russo, Keith Jacobson, and the Telegenics staff for a fantastic video production.  We appreciate the talent, hard work, and enthusiasm that made this collaboration possible, and look forward to many more.

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