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Raul goes between the Sheets with Secret Ties and remixes "Dancin' In My Sleep".  "I Want You" by Animotion gets a special Disconet remix by Raul & Steven.

"Dancin' In My Sleep" by Secret Ties has been getting a lot of attention on the club circut for Nightwave Records, a new California label.  The 12" was produced by Gerry Caples, written and arranged by Brian Scares and mixed by Gerry Caples and Secret Ties.  Raul has charged this cut up with a mix that will shake up your floor!

Animotion is next, with their latest high energy single, "I Want You".  This is from their Casablanca/Polygram album, "Strange Behavior", produced by Richie Zito.  The 12" was remixed by Mark Kamins and edited by The Latin Rascals and Tuta Aquino.  Raul and Steven used both mixes, club and dub, to give it a new direction.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:03, from 124 BPM to 134 BPM.

Blue Moderne will get you "Through The Night".  "What I Like" by Anthony And The Camp, gets a ferocious remix by Jose "Animal" Diaz.

"Through The Night" by Blue Moderne on Roll/Sunnyview Records, has become an overnight hit.  Ish, former lead singer of Foxy, produced, mixed, and wrote the cut.  The "starlight" vocals were supplied by Audrey Wheeler.  This tune will trove your dance floor crowd through the night!

"What I Like" by Anthony And The Camp an Warner Brothers Records is already a strong chart contender and radio hit.  The 12" was produced by Jellybean, recorded by Doc Dougherty at Sigma Sound in New York, and arranged by Anthony And The Camp.  Now get ready to go over the top with this exciting Jose "Animal" Diaz mix.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:00 from 108 BPM to 116 BPM.

Level 42's "Something About You" gets a smooth mix by Steven Von Blau.  Smooth operator Sade serenades with "Never As Good As The First Time".

"Something About You" is the third hit single from Level 42's Polydor album, "World Machine".  Wally Badarou and Level 42 wrote and produced this pop dance tune.  It's already zooming up the pop and dance charts, and the video is on heavy rotation on MTV.  Steven Von Blau has reworked and extended this cut into a smooth early morning pleaser for your dance floor crowd.

The lady Sade, that smooth operator, finishes up this side with "Never As Good As The First Time", the latest single from her second out standing album on Portrait.  The "Promise" LP lives up to it's name with "The Sweetest Taboo" topping the charts for many weeks.  "Never As Good As The First Time" should do just as well for her.  Sade, whose vocals have grabbed the attention of every market from adult contemporary to the club scene, also co-wrote this cut, and remixed with Mike Pela and Ben Rogan.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 13:15, from 105 BPM to 106 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

Carol Hahn will "Reach Out" and grab your dancers.  Billy Stewart spreads the word cause he "Can't Keep A Secret".

Carol Hahn first premiered on Disconet with "Into The Night" on volume 6, Pgm. #2.  We're sure you'll enjoy her just as much on this program with one of the cuts from her new Wide Angle Records 12", "Reach out".  Mixed by Walter McLean, this tune will reach out and keep your floor packed.

Billy Stewart also returns to us with his latest dance record, "Can't Keep A Secret".  This high-energy tune was written by Billy Stewart and co-produced by Billy Stewart and Bryan Cronin.  The mix was supplied by John Ceglia and Marcello Gandola.  This one will get your crowd buzzing.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 13:20, from 112 BPM to 128 BPM.

Kevin Hendricks wins a DISCONET subscription. Kevin plays at The Club Gemini in Greenville, S.C..  His lucky pressing number on Volume 8, Program 8 was 007!!  Because his number was drawn, Kevin will receive a free Disconet from us for the next six months.  "West End Girls" by The Pet Shop Boys, "Ave Maria" by Jennifer Rush, and "Bad Boy" by Miami Sound Machine were Kevin's favorite selections on Program 8.  To be a winner please send in your feedback card, with the serial number on the jacket of the A Side/ B Side record.  Good Luck!!!  (and be sure to sign it so we'll know who you are.)

We'll miss you Captain Mike

This program is lovingly dedicated to our founder and friend, Michael E.A. Wilkinson, whose untimely passing has left a void in all of our lives.  Music was a way of life for Michael and was his way of communicating with the ones he loved.  This dedication to music, combined with a unique sense of humor and an irreverent outlook on life, touched everyone around him and has left us all much to remember.  As the man responsible for keeping us on the dance floor throughout the first 100 Disconet programs, the Captain, as many of us have known him, lived every moment with an intense fervor.

As a friend so beautifully put it… "Michael was a pioneer in dance music who championed and nurtured the DJ's wish for artistic expression in remixing.  He opened the boundries of what we consider club music, always accepting new genres as worthy of a try on the turntable.  We have not only lost a friend, but a person who made a real and lasting contribution to the art form of dance music."

As a student of life, Michael was also a great teacher.

Michael E.A. Wilkinson  April 19, 1945 - May 10, 1986

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