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Bill Motley and Trip Ringwald made the music fly.  Here is a special flashback double side with the "Supremes Medley" and "Bitchin 50s Medley."

Bill Motley and Trip Ringwald first came to national attention with their Supremes Medley on Disconet in 1980.  Their "Bitchin' 50s" oldies medley soon followed, along with Elvis and a few other notables.  Bill died earlier this year, and what a shame as he was just turning a new leaf on producing music people would fall in love with (like the earlier Boystown Gang material which could do nothing but good!!!)  If there is a disco in heaven, then you can be sure that Bill is on the dancefloor leading the crowd into a frenzie as usual.

The "Bitchin 50s" became "The Stars On 45", and is followed by Taxi and Amy Bolton.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17:00 at 126 BPM.

"The Supremes Medley" on Bonus Side 2 is preceeded by Chico Super Starr's remix of "No One Gets The Prize", and the commercial version of the medley which Motown released is identical to Bill and Trip's (save one guitar lick.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 14:22 from 124 to 135 BPM.

Miami Sound Machine's "Conga" gets the Raul Dance Mix.  Man 2 Man's "Hottest Of The Hot" gets remixed for your floor.

If you like your Latin breaks long, lean and mean, then Raul's hot remix of "Conga" by Miami Sound Machine is right on for you!  Raul took the Epic instrumental and vocal versions and has knitted them together into a real powerhouse for you.  Emilio Estefan, Jr. produced the original tracks which were mixed by Pablo Flores.

Man 2 Man is next with "Hottest Of The Hot" with a special Disconet version from the various versions on the Recca 12" release.  Miki and Paul Zone produced the original tracks which were mixed by Denny O'Connor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:18 from 124 BPM (beats per minute) to 142 BPM.

Diana Ross' "Eaten Alive" gets the Disconet remix.  Mainframe's superhot "5 Minutes" gets extended for your floor.

Diana Ross is back in her usual big and exciting way with "Eaten Alive" on RCA.  The song was written and produced by Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson, Karl Richardson and Albhy Galuten, and originally mixed by Francois Kevorkian and Ron St. Germain.  Dub and vocals were combined into this exciting new version.

Mainframe is next with "5 Minutes" from their Polydor/UK 12".  Written and produced by Murray Munro and John Molloy, Mainframe brings back memories of The Moody Blues in some of their vocals, and the Turtles in others.  We can all rest easier tonight having just heard that Uncle Eric is helping the police with their report.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 16:17 from 130 to 131 BPM.

Jim Shaff wins the LCD chronograph. Jim plays at The Copa Bar in Flint, MI, and the pressing serial number on Program 13 (#741) matched the lucky winning number.  We're sending Jim the watch that does almost everything.  His favorite selections on Program 13 were the "Freeway Of Love" and "19" remixes, Viola Wills' classic "If You Could Read My Mind" remix (ofcourse!), and the remix of "The Great Divide" by Portion Control.  To win the watch, send in the feedback card.

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