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Sheena Easton's "Strut" gets extended for your floor.  And Dan Hartman's "Name Of The Game" gets edited by Raul and Steven.

Sheena Easton is enjoying her strongest EMI-America album to date, entitled "Private Heaven", with "Strut" making waves on dance floors around the world.  Here is a special extended version for you, with extra breaks along the way for even more fun.  Greg Mathieson produced and arranged the original version, which he remixed with Rusty "Endless Music" Garner for the commercial 12" version.

Dan Hartman is next with "Name Of The Game", one of several excellent dance songs from his new MCA album entitled "I Can Dream About You."  Raul and Steven have taken the album version to develop an extended edit which truly showcases the vocal and production expertise of Dan.  The original version was produced by Dan and Jimmy Iovine, and mixed by Dan.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:30, from 116 BPM to 119 BPM.

Theo Roca and John Sollas remix Melissa Manchester's "Thief Of Hearts."  Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora's "When The Rain Begins To Fall" gets extended for you.

Miami's ace blademen Theo Roca and John Sollas are back with another exquisite extended edit for you Thief Of Hearts" by Melissa Manchester, the title track from the Casablanca movie soundtrack album.  Ms. Manchester wrote the song along with Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey, and Giorgio produced with Harold Faltermeyer.  Theo and John have extended John "Jellybean" Benitez's dance mix in a way sure to please your floor.

Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora are next with "When The Rain Begins To Fall" from their Arista/U.K. 12".  The song is from the motion picture "Voyage Of The Rock Aliens", and was produced by Jack White (whose previous credits include "Gloria" by Laura Branigan.)  "Rain" is becoming a pop smash throughout Europe, and perhaps your club response will get it moving here!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 16:17, beginning at 140 BPM and then kicking into 154 BPM.

Watch out, Frankie!  Here comes English Evenings' "Tear You Down."  And Divine's "I'm So Beautiful" keeps your holidays pumping.

The nouveaux British sound continues to lead the way to exciting new dance music, and English Evenings are right there with "Tear You Down."  The Safari/U.K. 12" has two versions, which Raul has combined into one powerhouse for you.  Phil Harding produced the original tracks.

Divine is next with a special Disconet version of "I'm So Beautiful" from the Proto/U.K. 12" commercial version.  The song was written and directed by Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, produced by Pete Waterman and Barry Evangeli and mixed by Barry.  Only Divine could carry this one off with his special style and grace!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 18:20, running at 132 BPM (beats per minute.)

The Disconet time machine takes you back to 1977.  And your top tunes sound great mixed by Tom Savarese.

Where were you in 1977?  If you were already born, you probably danced to the 19 great songs put together by Tom Savarese for the 1977 Disconet Top Tune Medley.  (See the listing below, in order of play.)

This great flashback side should be a real plus over the holidays, or anytime you want to throw a little nostaglia at them.  The medley begins with "Disco '77" (the themesong from the syndicated TV series) performed by Sassy and keeps climbing all the way up to "Magic Bird Of Fire" by The Salsoul Orchestra.

It's a great set of music, and should inspire your thinking for the forthcoming 1984 Top Tune Medley.  There's a special place at the bottom of this month's feedback card for you to list your five strongest songs played during 1984 by title and artist.  Your votes will be compiled to develop the 1984 medley which will be coming at you in early 1985.

So enjoy the '77 classics, and get your votes in today for 1984's best!

Artist Title LP/ P Label/ C Publisher
Sassy Theme From Disco 77 12" TK (TKD 46)/ Sherlyn/ Lindseyanne, BMI
Barry White It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me T543/ 20th Century/ Sa-Vette Music, BMI
Odyssey Native New Yorker APL1-2204/ RCA/ Featherbed/ Desiderata/ UniChappell, BMI
Ritchie Family Quiet Village Marlin(TK)2206/ Can't Stop Productions, Inc./ Atlantic Music/ Gransom Music
First Choice Dr. Love GZS7501/ Gold Mind/ Lucky Three/ Six Strings, BMI
Celi Bee Superman APA(TK)77001/ Peer International, BMI
Andrea True Connection NY, You Got Me Dancing 12" Buddah (D113)/ Buddah/ Diamond Touch/MRI, ASCAP
Marvin Gaye Got To Give It Up T7-352R2/ Tamla(Motown)/ M. Gaye, ASCAP
Mike Theodore Orchestra Cosmic Wind WB305/ Westbound/ Bridgeport Music, BMI
Chic Dance, Dance, Dance SD1953/ Atlantic/ Cotillion/ Kreimers, BMI
Vickie Sue Robinson Hold Tight AFL1-2294/ RCA/ Kipahulu Music, ASCAP
Hues Corporation I Caught Your Act BS3043/ Warner Bros./ JiMi Lane/ Ensign, BMI
CJ & Co. Devil's Gun WB301/ Westbound/ ATV Music, BMI
Space Carry On, Turn Me On UA-LA780G/ United Artists/ UA/Virginia City, ASCAP
Kebekelektrik Magic Fly (Journey Into Love) 12" TK(TKD49)/ Disques Directions/ Machine Music, CAPAC
Cerrone Love In C Minor SD9913/ Atlantic/ WEA Filipacchi Music/ Fefee Music/ Cerrone Music, SACEM
Carrie Lucas I Gotta Keep Dancin' BVL1-2220/ RCA Soultrain/ Gomelsky/ Eggers Music/ Carrific Music, ASCAP
Grace Jones I Need A Man ILPS9470/ Island/ Beam Junction Music, BMI
The Trammps Disco Inferno SD18211/ Atlantic/ Six Strings, BMI
Salsoul Orchestra Magic Bird of Fire SZS5515/ Salsoul/ Vincent Montana, Jr.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 20:03, from 120 BPM to 130 BPM.

Time to vote!  Be sure to return the postpaid feedback card included with this issue… and vote for your strongest songs of 1984.  There's a ballot at the bottom of the feedback card for you to list your five strongest songs played during 1984 by artist and title.  Your votes will be compiled at Disconet feedback headquarters in order to develop the 1984 Top Tune Medley.

Mark Vallese wins the LCD chronograph. Mark plays at Trianon in Chicago, and the pressing serial number on Program 3 (#53) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Mark's favorite selections were "I Need A Man In My Life", "Swept Away" and "Body Rock."  Be sure to return the postpaid feedback card and list your pressing serial number from the upper right hand corder of the Side A/B jacket.  Good luck!

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