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Special Eurythmics' "Rain" edit now makes it pour!  And Barry Manilow looks hotter than ever with "Lookin' Hot Tonight."

"Love Is A Stranger" started the Eurythmics off in the UK, and "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" went all the way to #1 pop via its RCA release.  "Here Comes The Rain Again" looks like their next numero uno, and we've given it added length and pump to work harder for you in the weeks and months ahead.  David A. Stewart produced, and Jon Bavin engineered.

Barry Manilow is next with an exclusive extended version of "You're Lookin' Hot Tonight" from his Arista "Greatest Hits Volume II" LP.  Jack White produced, whose previous credits include "Gloria" and "Solitaire" by Laura Branigan.  So it's no surprise that Messrs.  Manilow and White make for some energetic dance music on this song, which may become even more of a dance classic than "Copacabana" circa 1978.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 13:25, from 127 BPM to 133 BPM.

Olivia Newton-John's "Twist Of Fate" now pumps even more.  Steven Von Blau's golden blade makes Sleeping Lions' "Sound Of My Heart" a floor-packer!

Born in England and raised in Australia, Olivia Newton-John won a talent contest at age 15, hung out in London for two years, her first release (Bob Dylan's "If Not For You") was a success.  Her first Grammy (as a country vocalist) was in 1973 for "Let Me Be There", and she co-starred with John Travolta in the world's most successful musical film ("Grease") in 1977.  She's back with John again showcasing her acting talents in 20th Century's "Two Of A Kind", and "Twist Of Fate" is one of the soundtrack cuts on the MCA LP in longer, more danceable form on this Disconet program.  David Foster produced, and Herbie added pump.

Sleeping Lions are next with "Sound Of My Heart", specially edited by Steven Von Blau from their CBS/UK 12".  Sleeping Lions produced this bubbly vocal and dub track (the dub is called "Heart Dance"), and John Buckley engineered.  Steven combined the vocal and dubs to make it happen for you, and since the British pound is dirt-cheap compared to the dollar, the UK picture-sleeve import should make it to many a bin at Crazy Eddie prices which are insane!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 15:55, starting at 165 BPM and going back to a more moderate 130 BPM.

Peek's "Rhumba My Sensations" gets Disconet aural surgery and now does it for 10!

OK, break dancers, how about a rhumba?  A rhumba?  (Or maybe you spell it rumba?)  It's a Cuban dance of African origin with the emphasis primarily on the rhythm rather than the melody.  And Peek has a hot new 12" on Sutra with the vocal and instrumental versions (as well as some secret out-takes) combined in this extended Disconet version called "Rhumba My Sensations."

Emil Innocenti produced, and co-wrote the song with John Robie.  Jonathan Fearing mixed the original version at Right Track Studios in New York, engineered by Hugo Dwyer.

The good vibes were performed, produced and arranged by Craig Peyton.

Arthur Murray fans will undoubtedly step out to this one with any of several approved rhumba steps, perhaps modified by the beat of 130 dBs through your giant boom boxes to make everyone on your floor feel the sensations in places Arthur Murray never dreamed of teaching about.

We've tested it with people who couldn't dance or walk before, and it created quite a stir.  It was even better than the usual "dead floor" at Woodlawn in Hollywood, so watch out, world, here comes Peek!!!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 9:40 at 130 BPM.

Tina Turner's "Let's Stay Together" gets it together.  And Kathy Wilson's "After The Fall" now has springtime warmth!

The Acid Queen of "Tommy" fame is back with her first stateside release in years, and everyone is saying 'It's about time!' from urban radio to the clubs!  Here's a special extended (and slightly echoed) version of Tina Turner's "Let's Stay Together" from her fast-flying Capitol 12".  The Al Green classic sounds better than ever, so tastefully produced by Martyn Ware for the British Electric Foundation and Greg Walsh.  Tina is real, and should be doing Ivory Liquid commercials because she gets younger looking each year.  Enjoy!

Kathy Wilson/KWILS is next with an extended version of "After The Fall" from her BMO/CBS 12" produced by Rick Witkowski and and Carl Maduri, and engineered by Carl Maduri III.  Maybe the title foretells how this record might happen ['after the (chart) fall'], and since charts can sometimes be as good as a bad astrologer, and the weather is bound to get warmer, give this springtime edit a real chance… and watch them dance!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 15:18, from 107 BPM to 135 BPM.

Bjorn Kristiansson wins the LCD chronograph. Bjorn plays at Neighbors in Seattle, and the pressing serial number on Volume 6, Program 6 (#358) matched the lucky winning number for that program.  Bjorn's top picks for Program 6 included China Crisis' "Working With Fire and Steel" and Kim Carnes' "You Make My Heart Beat Faster" both so eloquently Disconetted by Frank Schmidt, as well as the special versions of The World's "Shoo Shoo Wah" and Susan Stevens' "This Is Love."  To win the watch that does everything, return the feedback card and be sure to enter your pressing number on the Side A/B jacket.

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