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Ronnie Jones and Claudja Barry get a special extended remix of "The Two of Us."

This beautiful, energy-filled duet is a potential dance floor classic which is fighting Murphy's Law.  The introduction has some of the most beautiful sounds ever created by producer Jurgen Korduletsch, yet, was mysteriously chopped off the Handshake 12" release.  It's back, and is so tasty that it should be well worth early boo's and hisses to let your floor know how simply wonderful your megawatt system can sound.  Once they hear this introduction a few times, it could be "I Will Survive" again.  Don't be a chickenshit!  LA and Miami/Ft.Lauderdale are working the hell out of Abba's "The Visitors", and who says the clunk can't stop… as long as the pause really refreshs the ears!

And to encourage you to really start working "The Two Of Us", Jurgen has added a percussion and electronic break.  Check it out.  Special thanks to Brian Gardner at Zentz in Los Angeles for a lot of punch and power in this specially EQed Disconet side.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 8:26 at 136 BPM.  The first band marks the end of the intro, and the second band marks the new break.  Enjoy!

Bobby Davenport with "Gimme A Break."  Sky Rider with "Take A Look At Me."

"Gimme A Break" by Bobby Davenport is the debut of a new artist and a new label, from good friends whose music and taste has won respect on dance floors the world over.  Neo Records is based in East Beverly Hills, California, run by Randy Sills and Tarquin "T.Q." Featherstonshaw.  Their first artist is also from Los Angeles, and boy, Bobby Davenport certainly performed superbly during the Southern California Disco DJ Association awards banquet.  Randy produced with Peter Hirsch at Dr. Musix in Hollywood.  Randy's very upbeat, heavy energy mix includes a very spacey break.  Randy won't reveal how he did it, but you can call him at (213) 655-4895.  It is not a Maytag through a harmonizer.

Next, it's Sky Rider with "Take A Look At Me."  Arthur Williams wrote and produced, with Stanley Banks on bass guitar (Stan plays for George Benson), sax and arrangements by Patience Higgins (who plays with Wilson Pickett), and even an appearance by Arthur's good friend Lester Chambers of The Chambers Brothers.

Check out Sky Rider, as your response will certainly help get this song placed with a label.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 11:14, beginning at 128 BPM and ending at 126.

Tantra returns with "Ma-cum-ba."

Tantra took us to the "Hills of Katmandu" and "Mother Africa."  The journey continues as the legend builds to "Ma-cum-ba."  Celso Valli wrote and arranged, and co-produced with Antonio Coco.  They spent four months in Italy and England to develop the new Tantra material, which was masterfully mixed by Steve Lance at Wessex in London.  The Valli/Coco combination was well proven on Tantra's previous works, and the addition of Steve Lance is a welcome addition to the team… Steve previously engineered The Buggles, Heaven 17, and Imagination.

The forthcoming "Tantra II" album from Importe/12 will include this side-long suite which makes its world premiere here, preceeded by a special 12" and radio edit of "Ma-cum-ba."

We couldn't resist testing out a tape with Frank Corr at Crisco Disco (who, with Bobby Viteritti now in California) were the first to have import copies of "Hills" and Robbie Leslie at The Saint.  Everyone seemed really pleased with the new Tantra.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 14:21 at 125 BPM.  Two bands mark the unusual steel drum break.  There is a very inviting 30+ seconds of Celso's famous ooo-ing at the end which invites long, sensual overlays.

The 1981 Disconet Top Tune Medley.  20 of your 1981 favorites put together by Mike Arato, John Matarazzo and Raul.

We tallied the votes (from the feedback card on Program 8, Volume 4), and here are your favorite songs of 1981.  Mike Arato (from Uncle Sam's in Levittown, LI) and John Matarazzo (from Uncle Charlie's West in East Orange, NJ) put it all together for you, produced by Raul Rodriguez (from Uncle Disconet in NY.)  With 75+ studio hours under their belt, this terrific trio has created virtual pandomania on the dance floor with 20 of the best offerings played during 1981.  The songs, artists, and credits are listed in order of play.

There is quite a bit of careful restructuring to create a good flow to this 17 minute set.  If anything seems missing, it is the fusion music which grew out of English rock clubs and is now making serious inroads to clubs all over the place.  We believe that this is a very strong trend which will be reflected in many more votes for fusion music when you cast your votes for the 1982 medley in early 1983.

Song Artist Courtesy 1981 Author(s)
"Heartbeat" Taana Gardner West End K. Nix
"Genius Of Love" Tom Tom Club Sire Tom Tom Club
"Pull Up To The Bumper" Grace Jones Island Baya/Jones/Mano
"Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)" Billy Ocean Epic/CBS Ocean/Martinez
"Try It Out" Gino Soccio RFC/Atlantic Soccio
"Love Rescue" Project PBI Benoit/Dyson
"Give It To Me Baby" Rick James Motown James
"Double Dutch Bus" Frankie Smith WMOT Smith/Bloom
"Feels Like I'm In Love" Kelly Marie Coast To Coast Dorset
"Give Me A Break" Vivien Vee Launch (1980) Simonetti/Meo
"Hit 'N Run Lover" Carol Jiani Ariola Wilbur
"Dance, It's My Life" Midnight Powers Importe/12 H. Brooks/M. Hill
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Boystown Gang Moby Dick Ashford/Simpson
"Walk Right Now" The Jacksons Epic/CBS (1980) M./J./R. Jackson
"Lay All Your Love On Me" The Bank Hot Spinner Andersson/Ulvaeus
"Set Me Free" Three Degrees Ariola Moroder/Bennett
"Hills Of Katmandu" Tantra Importe/12 Valli/Jackson
"Don't Stop The Train" Phyllis Nelson Tropique Bank/Dessca/Dessca
"Your Love" Lime Prism LePage/LePage
"Hooked On Classics" Royal Philarmonic Orchestra RCA Beethoven

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 17:19, building ever so slickly from 100 BPM (beats per minute) to 135.

Brian Burke wins the trip to sunny Florida.  Brian entered the Mystery Break Contest on Volume 4, Program 9, and he is the lucky winner.  There was a Mystery Break used as a segway between "On Your Knees" by Colin Stoddard/The Prince of Darkness and Divine's "Native Love."  Brian was right (along with several other import-hip DJs), and it was the break from Arte Noir's "African Connection."  The correct entries were placed in a hat, and Brian's was pulled out.

Brian plays at The Parade in New Orleans, and while the weather there is usually just fine, we hope that Brian will enjoy a little Florida sunshine coming his way.

Congratulations, Brian.  Enjoy your trip… and be sure to catch John Terry's world famous wet tee shirt orgies at The Button in Ft. Lauderdale.  These are really happening now since most colleges are in recess, and John hardly has time for golf anymore.

Ron Rice wins the LCD chronograph.  Ron plays at The Lost & Found in Washington, DC, and his pressing serial number on Program 9 matched the lucky winning number for that program.  #543 will now take a licking and keep on ticking.  (We've switched to brand new Bulova watches, and the past few winners report that it is an excellent watch which stands up to hard use.)  Now Ron will really test it!

Ron's favorite selections were just about everything on Program 9, with best audience response to the Skyy "Call Me" remix (which is now commercially available on Rams Horn, Holland and Street Wave, UK thanks to Salsoul's Glen La Russo), the remix of Chas Jankel's "Glad To Know You", and Matrix's "Stay (I Need Your Love.)"

It is fairly easy to win a deluxe Bulova watch.  Fill out your feedback card… the best time is one to two weeks after you start playing each new Disconet.  And be sure to enter the pressing number shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B jacket.  We need your feedback to provide hip Disconets, which in turn provide you and your crowd with hip music.

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