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Skyy's "Call Me" and Chas Jankel's "Glad To Know You" get special extended remixes.

Here are two exclusive Disconet extended remixes of some very hot songs.  First, Skyy with "Call Me "from their very hot Salsoul album called "Skyy Line."  The song was written and arranged by Randy "Brass Construction" Muller who co-produced with Solomon Roberts, Jr.  The eight members of Skyy have released four very successful LPs since their debut in 1979, and say that they share a common experience of the Third Kind: touched by the knowledge of the lost planet of Yen Zalia, stored in crystals scattered through space, Skyy delivers the message of the Yen Zalian dream of love and humanity through their music.  Raul has extended the message on "Call Me" and simulates the GT&E phone service in southern California with an extended phone call.

Next, it's Chas Jankel with "Glad To Know You" from his "Questionnaire" album on A&M.  Chas wrote "Ai No Corrida", and produced "Glad To Know You" with Philip Bagend and Pete Van Hooke.  "Glad To Know You" was co-written by Ian Dury who helps on the vocals.  This is kinky English rock funk all the way, known around New York as Anglo Funk in some quarters.  Carlos Ramos did the honors of giving Chas some extra hot breaks for even more audience excitement.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:58, from 122 to 118 BPM.

Matrix sings "Stay (I Need Your Love.)"  With the warm sound and energy of Stonecastle Studios.

Matrix was recorded at Stonecastle Studios in Italy, and produced by Sangy who also wrote the song.  Antonio Coco was executive producer.  Sugarscoop will be releasing a 3-cut 12" single by Matrix soon, including this special club mix of "Stay (I Need Your Love)" put together by Raul Rodriguez.

While the song is relatively slow (about 110 BPM), there is so much energy in the bass and drum lines that they'll keep shaking to this one.  The melody line and lyrics are quite catchy, as this is a real hum-along song.

There is also an element of some real get-down country guitar picking about half way through.  That lead guitar starts to pick, and it's goosebumps flowing out of those megawatt speakers which should bring smiles to your dance floor.

Get down to the lush sounds of Matrix.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 7:00 at 110 BPM.

John Robie with "Vena Cava."  Very advanced electronic music with a nice groove and melody.

John Robie lives in New York City, and has been involved with writing and producing for other people for several years.  Disconet is proud to present the first work John has done for himself, recorded at Don Casale Music in Westbury, Long Island, New York.  John wrote "Vena Cava" with Albert Leone, and produced and arranged the tracks which were mixed at Bob Blank's Blank Tapes in New York City.

"Vena Cava" is a code word for coming back into the heart, like a vein ("vena") going into the heart cavity ("cava.")

This may explain some of the vocal chants… "A pumping we will go, a pumping we will go…"

The song is both sensual and melodic, with more use of rhythmn tracks than most electronic music today.  After a few plays, it will probably grow on you… with a remarkable melody line that comes back into your mind quite a bit.  While "Vena Cava" is a rather slow 106 BPM, there is so much energy in the tracks that you may be able to use this cut at "peaker" periods than you may have thought initially.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:03 at 106 BPM (beats per minute.)

Colin Stoddard (a.k.a. Prince of Darkness) with "On Your Knees."  The Mystery Break Contest!  Divine with "Native Love."

Sado singing is at its best with Colin Stoddard/The Prince of Darkness doing D.C. LaRue's classic song, "On Your Knees."  Originally on the "Muse" LP from Grace Jones, Colin and co-producer Jim McElwaine have the old whip cracking all the way.  The Prince of Darkness is based on the concept of The Devil (or some other rather powerful bad force.)  Check out Revelations in the Bible, according to Colin.  J. Gregory Lovely was executive producer, and Mark Berry engineered.

Next… your chance to win a trip to sunny Florida.  Simply identify this very jungle, very mysterious Mystery Break.  Do this on your feedback card.  All correct entries will be placed in a hat, and Laurie will draw the winner.  You must correctly identify the group and song.

And if the thought of sunny Florida makes you feel good right now, just wait until you hear Divine's "Native Love."  Bobby Orlando produced and wrote, and Divine really demonstrates that rap records don't all come from Dahill Road or Englewood.  Reviewing Divine's very entertaining "Polyester" movie, Vincent Canby of The New York Times said "Divine seems to be turning into a comic actor of real style, a performer whose presence in the past has always been arresting."  What will John Rockwell say?

Perhaps this lavish Orlando production will end some of the confusion which has followed Divine around.  Some people think Divine is a female impersonator, a transvestite or a drag queen.  To those that know Divine, this is simply not true.  Divine is one of the world's most popular, fun personalities and among the most successful actors specializing in female roles on screen and stage.  And now, a new career expansion into vinyl entertainment by Divine awaits the world.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Be sure to enter the Mystery Break Contest.  "Keep those audition tapes coming in, boys (and please use those good TDK cassettes.)  Bonus Side 2 runs 11:50 from 131 BPM to 128 BPM.  Where is Rosita?

Cosmo Wyatt wins the LCD chronograph.  Cosmo plays at The Loft and Riley's in Boston, and is director of The New England DJ Association pool in his spare time.  Cosmo's pressing serial number on Program 7 matched the lucky winning number for that program (#1301), and we're pleased to send Cosmo the watch that does almost everything.  Cosmo's favorites on the program were "Love Action" instrumental by The Human League, "Madmen's Discotheque" by The Chaplin Band and "I Specialize In Love" by Sharon Brown.  To win the watch, be sure to return the feedback card and list your Side A/B pressing number on the upper right hand corner of the jacket.

Good luck!

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