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Seven hot numbers from the mid-1970s make up your second "Dance Classics" medley.  Great music still works!

Here is the second "Dance Classics" medley, full of great songs from that pre-Golden Era mid-1970s period when DJs were extending 2:30 45 RPM singles into 10 minute events.

The songs had it then, and they still have it today.

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain begin this hot set with "Ask Me", from their 1974 Roulette album.  The intro has been doubled to provide for easier mix-in for you.

Next, it's the Supremes featuring Diana Ross with.  "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walkin'" from their 1976 Motown LP.

The Fantastic Four from Detroit follow, with their 1976 Westbound classic, "Hideaway."  Smooth and driving all the way.  Where are they now?

Betty Wright is next with her classic, "Where Is The Love" written by K.C. and Ricky Finch, from her 1974 TK/Alston LP.

"You've Broken My Heart" by Sound Experience follows, from their 1974 Bell LP.  A simple song with a very strong horn hook.

"Messin' With My Mind" by Labelle is next, from their 1975 Epic album.  Again, a simple hook with precise production makes it work.

Jimmy Helms' Pye classic, "Don't Pull Your Love", ends the second Dance Classics medley on a high note.

If you're not familiar with all of these songs, don't worry… they were all hits primarily in the northeast and southeast U.S.  But because disco was still a fledgling industry then, they didn't travel around the country as much as dance hits do today.  Radio made these songs popular, but on a more regional basis.

That's one of the best things about today's more active dance music marketplace.  We don't have to rely on radio to break great songs.  You do it every night you play, no matter where you play.  Sometimes radio picks up on it, sometimes not.

But in any event, you provide the patrons in your club with an exposure to a wide variety of music that they probably wouldn't hear anyplace else.  Don't be surprised if people ask you what these songs are, and are amazed that they existed five to seven years ago and were making people dance even then!

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 16:37, from 123 BPM to 114 BPM.

Boots Clements' "Ghostriders In The Sky."  The epic Randy Sills mix with a Euro-country flair and energy to match.

Boots grew up in California, and majored in business and theatre arts at San Bernardino Valley College.  He worked with Jimmy Webb at Ja-Ma Music, and his first record as an artist, "Back To You", was a Billboard pick and received airplay throughout much of the U.S. and Canada.

They call him "Boots" because he has a collection of hundreds of pairs of cowboy boots.  He met producer Stan Zipperman, and put vocals on some very interesting tracks Stan was working on.

The tracks ended up at Peter Hirsch's Dr. Musix in Los Angeles, where Randy Sills was commissioned to do an epic mix of the classic song, "Ghostriders In The Sky."

Here is that epic mix.  The first 40 seconds begin a violin and synthesizer build the likes of which you have never heard.  It builds forever!  There is a cueing band where the percussion enters, and the build just keeps going.

The song itself gives instant recognition among most people, and that "Yippy-I-Aye!" is a most memorable hook.  Just watch the folks in your club yippy-I-ayeing after a few plays.

Your reaction will probably lead to some label deal offers for Stan Zipperman Productions for these very unique tracks.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 7:50 at 138 BPM (beats per minute.)

Gomez Presley with "The Letter."  Dance rock energy was never higher as Gomez really kicks ass!

The Box Tops did it first.  Then Joe Cocker.  Then the Gibson Brothers (on an early Disconet, in fact, and later on TK.)

Now here is yet another version of "The Letter."

It's by Gomez Presley, produced by Bobby Orlando.  Bobby and Gomez combine the precision of electronic production with the pleasing soul vocal sound of Gomez and a nice sprinkling of percussion.

The song kicks ass from start to finish, with no letup in energy.  If sometime you have the raise the dead, try this version.

And if you like the groove Bobby, has developed, check out some of his other productions including "Desire" by Ronnie Griffith on Vanguard and "Street Music" by The Bang Gang on Sugarscoop.  They're all different, but have an immediacy and drive which makes for great dance music.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 7:03 at 144 BPM.

Bob Viteritti's "Magnifique" remix.  Smoother groove, more pleasing vocals.

"Magnifique" has been one of the most popular imports for several months, originating from Ariola in Europe and now on Siamese slipping down from the busy Canadian record pressing plants.

The original versions have a long vocal side and rather short instrumental edit.  We've never heard either one played by themselves, as they're really getting worked back and forth… and still turn on dance floors because of the high energy, driving sonic rhythm, and excellent synthesizer work.

Bob Viteritti has given the song a new slant with his special remix.  While the tracks are the same as on the original, he has changed the structure considerably.  The flow is more laid back, and the music becomes more mysterious.

Bob also treated the vocals (in the middle of his remix) with special echoing, and they now add to the mystery and intrigue of the song.

Bob is playing at Dreamland in San Francisco, and now lives in Guerneville.  What is Guerneville?  Well, it's the capital of the Russian River resort area north of San Francisco.  If you say "Gurn-E-ville", the locals will know that you are a tourist, as the proper pronunciation is simply "Gurn-ville."  Bob lives right on the Russian River, and goes fishing and sightseeing right on the dock in his backyard.  There is quite a lot of action on the river.  Bob will also be playing at The Surrey when Dick Collier gets it reopened, and is shown in the photo during one of his many guest spots throughout the country (this time at Rudely Elegant in Columbus, Ohio.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 6:36 at 132 BPM.

Craig Haan wins the LCD chronograph.  Craig plays at The Coursel Disco in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He sent in his feedback card from Volume 4, Program 4, and his pressing serial number for that program (#750) matched the lucky winning number.

Craig's favorite cuts on Program 4 were Robbie Leslie's remix of "Hold On To My Love" by Jimmy Ruffin, Valapucci's remix of "It's Dynamite" by Euro Funk, and most of Steve Thompson's Dance Classics Medley #1 (particularly "Let's Groove" by Archie Bell & The Drells, "Dreaming A Dream" by the Crown Heights Affair, and "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" by Tavares.)

To win the watch, be sure to return the feedback card in this program.  Enter your pressing serial number which is shown on the upper right hand corner of your Side A/Side B jacket.

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