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Trip and Rand fix Viola's "Roof", future stars Michelle Lamb and Alives Hidding.

Viola Wills / Up On The Roof.  Viola's already a dance floor superstar thanks to "If You Could Read My Mind", and "Up On The Roof" is already her followup hit via Ariola's import which is due domestically as well.  Trip Ringwald and Rand Bohn felt that Viola's roof needed a skylight (so it would be easier to get into), and they've edited this for you into a special version.  Rand plays with Trip at The Circus in Hollywood, and boy, do they keep the people moving!  Check it out on your next trip west, and be sure to catch the lighting and videobeam magic of Stan Morris.

Michelle Lamb / After The Dance.  Michelle is from Miami, and is currently touring with Issac Hayes.  She's hot on the keyboards as well as behind the microphone, and helped produce her first single for Top Ranking International records in Florida.  There's a growing buzz on Michelle's release in Florida, and Bo Krane was kind enough to organize a safety master for this special Disconet performance.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 13:09, from 126 BPM to 128 BPM.

Johnny George and Mick Oliver present the "MasterMix Medley."  Oh, mercy!

Johnny George, who runs the record pool in Indianapolis, and Mick Oliver (who also spins in Indianapolis) have created a high-energy trip with many of your current favorites as well as the disco classics which still turn on crowds.  Here's the roadmap:

QUEEN's "Another One Bites The Dust" (courtesy of Elektra) starts it off, into STACY LATTISAW's "Dynamite"/"Jump The Beat" courtesy of Atlantic.  Then some songs (with overlays to kill) which your audience probably can't get enough of: MICHAEL JACKSON's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" (from CBS/Epic), CHANGE's "Lover's Holiday" courtesy of RFC/Warners, IKE TURNER's "Party Vibes" from Fantasy, SOS BAND's "Take Your Time" from CBS/Tabu, and THE CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR's "You Gave Me Love" courtesy of De-Lite.  This provides the backdrop for a few hooks from LIPPS, INC's "Funkytown" from Casablanca, the MICHAEL ZAGER BAND'S "Let's All Chant" from Private Stock, and DIANA ROSS' "The Boss" from Motown.  Then it's the hot violin intro from THE BROTHERS JOHNSON "Stomp" from A&M, and a word or two from KURTIS BLOW's "The Breaks" from Mercury.  KANO's "I'm Ready" follows from Emergency, with DAN HARTMAN's "Instant Replay" countdown from CBS/Blue Sky.  Two quickies follow: THE JACKSONS' "Walk Right Now" from CBS/Epic and FREDDIE JAMES' "Get Up And Boogie" from Warners.  Then GONZALES' "Haven't Stop Dancing Yet" from Capitol serves as the next background for LIPPS, INC. "Rock It" (Casablanca), CHIC's "Everybody Dance" (Atlantic), BONNIE POINTER's "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" (Motown), WATSON BEASLEY's "Breakaway" (RFC/Warners), PEACHES & HERB "Shake Your Groove Thing" (Polydor).  JOHN DAVIS' "Ain't That Enough For You"(SAM) finishes the medley with Johnny getting the last word… oh,mercy!

The medley runs 11:12, and goes right into Alives Hidding's "Hollywood Seven".

Alives Hidding / Hollywood Seven.  Alives has a Polydor single out in the Benelux countries, and just could be the next Harry Chapin.  He can certainly tell a story with emotion and interest.  We extended the intro to get you into the groove before the sad tale of that girl from Omaha who didn't make it in Hollywood begins.  There's quite a bit of energy in the tracks which show some excellent dance potential.  The song now runs 4:40 and comes right out of the "MasterMix Medley".

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs a total of 15:52 from a "Whosh" to 116 BPM.

Tantra has arrived.  Now you can really hear how "Hills of Katmandu" really sounds.

This is, perhaps, the record that more people have heard about than have actually heard.  Now you can really hear it, thanks to the mastering excellence of Jack Supercutter Skinner of Sterling Sound and Importe/12 which is releasing "Tantra/The Double Album."  And what a marvelous trip to the "Hills of Katmandu."  Celso Valli wrote the music and did the arrangements.  Jurgen Koppers did the mix, which will amaze you after dozens and dozens of plays because it keeps moving with subtle changes, added instruments and effects, and a real professional sensitivity to what turns on a disco DJ… a record that can really turn on his audience.  Thank you, Quelli del Castello, for producing this record.

The double album will also include the side-long "Wishbone", the "Sukuleu/ Mother Africa/ Halleleujah" suite programmed earlier on Disconet (which now goes into a very pop "Get Happy"), and two additional energy cuts entitled "Get Ready To Go" and "Top Shot."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 16:20 at 134 BPM.

Danae Jacovidis' "At Midnight" Medley: these r&b dance classics never sounded better.

One night at Chaps in Boston, Danae Jacovidis put on T-Connection's "At Midnight" at 33 1/3 RPM.  But since this was one of the last TK Disco 12" records cut at 45 RPM, it didn't sound normal.  But that fabulous drum intro, produced by Cory Wade, was even more sensual slowed down about 20%.  Danae discovered that Cory's tracks made a great rhythm backdrop for many of the classic r&b dance songs that his crowd knew and appreciated.  He's turned this into a spectacular 17:30 nostaglia trip for you, beginning with YVONNE FAIR's "It Should Have Been Me" (Motown.)  Then THE SPINNERS slip in like the Cape Cod fog with "It's A Shame" (Motown) building to "Take Off Your Makeup" by LAMONT DOZIER (ABC.)  The groove is really on now… and BIONIC BOOGIE's "Dance Little Dreamer"(Polydor) keeps it going… especially the way Jack Supercutter Skinner has brought up Gregg's bass guitar.  That supersmooth introduction to TIMMY THOMAS' "Why Can't We Live Together?" (TK/ Glades) is next… Timmy really knew way back in 1972 what would turn people on even 9 years later!  Then GEORGE MC CRAE's "Rock Your Baby" (TK), LOVE UNLIMITED's "Under The Influence Of Love" (Twentieth Century) and BUDDY MILES' classic "Pull Yourself Together" (Columbia.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: 17:30 at 102 BPM.  Bonus Side 2 is a class trip!!!

Michael Tompkins wins the LCD chronograph.  Michael lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and plays at Bacchus.  His feedback card for Program 10 included his Side A/Side B serial number (#405) which matched the lucky winning number for that program.  We've sent Mike the watch that does almost everything.  His favorite songs on Program 10 were "Hot Leather", "Feels Like I'm In Love", the entire Claudja Barry compilation, Peter Struve's wonder "If You Could Read My Mind" remix, and the "Sukuleu/Mother Africa/Halleleujah" suite.

To win the watch… send in your feedback card!!!

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