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Jellybean remixes Easy Going: Pink Floyd meets Poussez with an Evita groove with the new "Fear Medley."

The Easy Going Remixed Maxi 33 will be out shortly on Importe/12.  There was already a preview on Program 8 of one of the cuts: "I Strip You."  The Maxi will also include a nice jazz/r&b song entitled "Put Me In The Deal", also remixed from the original Italian tracks produced and co-written by Giancarlo Meo, and arranged and co-written by Claudio Simonetti.

"Fear" was originally about 8 minutes at a very intensive 145 BPM.  It happened so fast and furious that many of the great sounds were lost on each other.  John "Jellybean" Benitez, who anchors Electric Circus and also plays with Tony Smith at Xenon in New York City, has slowed it way down to an easy going 128 beats per minute, with a different presentation of the rhythm section, violins, horns and vocals.

It all took place at Boris Midney's Eras Studios in living 32 tracks.  Chico Super Starr and Nicky Nicholson, from The Anvil, provide additional rap sections which turn "Fear" into a show with four acts.  Julie and Barbara Bent provided additional vocals.  In Act I (entitled "Scaredy Cat"), the girl wants him to get it on.  Act II is "Fear" with Pink Floyd overtones, going into one of the most exciting breaks of the season thanks to Jellybean's fine ear and Ray Volpe's black boxes which can even harmonize every other conga note.  Act III ("Come On In") restates what's on her mind, but he's so scared… until some subsconscious "Mmmm, puck puck!" inner drive gets everyone to get it on in Act IV, appropriately entitled "Climax."  We hope every pyschology teacher makes recordoms first aural threesome mandetory listening.  It'll go gold in no time, and forever end all doubts that disco has gone flacid.

Mixes real well with Gino's "Rhythm Of The World" remix on the other Disconet pressing in this program, and Foxy's fabulous Mike Lewis "Party Boys" remix (Volume 3, Program 6) now out for the rest of the world on TK/Dash.  (Jesus, Henry, it's time.)

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 14:19 at 128 BPM.

The Original Elvis Presley Medley.  Produced by Bill Motley.

RCA is commemorating the untimely death three years ago of Elvis Presley with a special 8 record collector's set.  Even an 80 record set wouldn't do justice to how Elvis changed and helped shape music throughout the world from the 1950s through-the 1970s and even to the 1980s.  He was the King!  And now Elvis lives for your dance floor, as well, thanks to Bill Motley.  Bill co-produced the Supremes Medley as well as The Bitchin' 50s Medley heard on earlier Disconet programs.  He's back with his finest work to date, which includes "Good Luck Charm", "It's Now Or Never", "Return To Sender", "All Shook Up", "Jailhouse Rock", "Don't Be Cruel", "Teddy Bear", "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes."

The bass and drums which Bill has added keep flow and continuity without interferring with the original Elvis tracks, and there are even 14 intro clunks if you want to overlay into the first song.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 8:50, from 124 to (watch out!) 202 BPM.

"Rhythm Of The World" Remix: Mike Arato gives Gino Soccio a whole new slant.

The first time Gino Soccio went to a Montreal disco, Gino said "When I saw people going crazy to my music, it literally sent chills through me."  That was "War Dance" by Kebekelektrik, which was Gino on just about all 48 track's.  People still go crazy to "Dancer" from Gino's first RFC/Warner LP, and are starting to from his second solo LP entitled "S-Beat."  Mike Arato, who co-produced "No More Medlies/1979 Top Tune Medley" with John Matarazzo (Volume 3, Program 6) has remixed one of the cuts on "S-Beat" for you entitled "Rhythm Of The World."  Mike plays at Uncle Sam's in Levittown, Long Island, and in between trying to straighten out co-DJ Charles Bailey, Mike installs sound systems and sleeps in his spare time.

"Rhythm Of The World" is a shade over 6 minutes on Gino's LP, with an intentionally light bottom.  Mike has given the song a new introduction designed to permit better overlays.  The middle part of Mike's remix is basically the original version.  The ending is longer with several spots to get out, including a dead end.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 11:45 at 128 BPM.  Jack Supercutter Skinner has added some bottom for you, and there are cueing bands along the way for your mixing convenience.

Raul's twin sister escapes from Cuba, Rosita Rodriguez's LatinWave Medley.

After the last refugee from Cuba entered Key West, a girl in hair curlers swam ashore in Ft. Lauderdale.  She walked into Tea Dance at the Marlin Beach, borrowed a dime from Mike Mayberry, and called her twin brother in New York collect.  Rosita Rodriguez, Raul's twin sister, had swam to her freedom.  Cuba will miss her DJing expertise, and while she catches up on what's hot in the U.S., here is a special medley of Latin music which Rosita played throughout Cuba.  It includes three cuts by the Donna Summer of Latin Music: Celia Cruz ("Lo Toyo Es Mental", "Quimbara" and "Canto A La Habana" courtesy of Vaya Records), "Jubileo" by The Fania All-Stars courtesy of Fania/Columbia, and Ricardo Ray and Bobby Cruz singing "Juan En La Ciudad" also courtesy of Vaya.  Those Latin horns are to kill, and the congas are so smooth.  This music will get under your skin, and may take on a regular place in your repetoire.

Rosita has selected a great combination of Latin classics, and even without understanding a word, the songs have real life and emotion.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 20:02, from 104 BPM to 116 BPM.  The congas make it seem much faster.

Do Me A Favor.

Somehow or another, we got Importe/12 to include a pressing of my new XP/33 release in this Disconet package.  We want you to try it out, because it's a new format and you'll probably like it.  It's a classical quality pressing, which runs at 33 1/3 RPM.  Even though it's only a 7" record, if you know how to use 7 inches, you can work wonders.  Jack Supercutter Skinner has cut it hot.  The hole is mean, lean, hard and tight… so it should cue all right and not have the problems that cheap 45s with big holes do.  There are three new wave cuts on the A-side, already segued together.  Check it out.  And the B-side is a new song I wrote with Jimmy Ryan of Atlantic Music.  We didn't believe that we could combine an r&b rap record with authentic rock and roll until we recorded "Do Me A Favor."  (That's me with my Bronx French accent!)  It even has an intro and an outro.  I'll be looking forward to your comments on the feedback card.  Thanks, and enjoy!

Amy Bolton

Jerry Smith wins the LCD chronograph.  Jerry plays at The Showboat in Syracuse, New York.  His pressing serial number on Program 7 (#592) matched the lucky winning number for that program, and we've sent Jerry the watch that does everything.  Jerry's favorites on the program were Patrick Cowley's MegaMix of "I Feel Love", "Jet Boy, Jet Girl", "Lady Of The Night", and "Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo.)"  Congratulations, Jerry.

To win the watch, be sure and return the feedback card included with this program and enter the pressing serial number shown on your Side A/Side B jacket.

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