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Music from around the world. Mix by Savarese.

Tom Savarese has been developing this special DISCONET program for you while he's been in Europe this summer.  The European influence on disco music has always been very strong, and you'll hear many new trends throughout the selections which Tom picked which may become more and more apparent throughout 1979.  (This is a two-record program, including a Special Bonus Program.)

Wonder Woman / The Wonderland Disco Band.  Here is one of Canada and Europe's most popular disco songs, recorded in none other than Los Angeles at the Music Grinder.  Marrie Brown produced, who did the arrangements with Gary Scott.  Gary also played and programmed the keyboards and synthesizer, which are a wonderful part of the song.  Gary Skardina did the engineering and mix.  Quality's release is getting enough serious attention in the states that A&R directors are going to have to listen carefully.

Strip Tease / Cerrone.  While far from "Saturday Night Fever", this is from the original sound track album of "Vice Squad", composed and produced by Cerrone on Malligator.  Throughout Europe, they cannot get enough of this man's talent, and Jean-Marc's music has become a real draw for Gerard de Villiers' movie.

Over And Over Again / Disco Circus.  If this song doesn't take your audience into new spaces, nothing will.  It is a rare combination of fantasy and melody, from Lollipop's "Disco Circus."

Let Me Be Your Fantasy / The Love Symphony Orchestra.  Like Larry Page earlier, word travels fast from the states to Europe, and the Talpro "Penthouse Presents The Love Symphony Orchestra" LP was breaking in Italy and France at the same time as it was breaking in New York.  Mitch Farber wrote, produced and arranged, with lyrics by Neil Shephard.  It was recorded and mixed at RCA's studios in New York, and what a tough job Joe Brooks and Bob Fischer must have had pouring through a zillion Penthouse photos to come up with a three-page spread jacket as slick and hot as the music.

Experience / Cerrone.  Tom picked another cut from the "Vice Squad" soundtrack to end this set.  It's Cerrone all the way, and should set you up nicely for your next song.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 19:57, beginning at 124 BPM and leaving your audience breathless at 128 BPM.

In-A-Gadda-Da Vida / Disco Circus.  Here's an interesting twist… a special disco version of a classic song actually shorter than the original!  Iron Butterfly, a very hot acid rock group in the late 1960's, did a 17+ minute version on their Atco LP in 1968.  Disco Circus' Lollipop version runs a shade over 7 minutes.

Song Of The Wind / Hot City Symphony.  Orlando, one of Italy's most innovative disco talents, produced and mixed this instrumental which will grow on you and your audience.  He keeps bringing in new elements, with the hottest hand clapping around.  Hot City's Black Sun LP should be out shortly.

Dancer / Sea Cruise.  Producers John Pantis and Pat Deserio helped to write this song, and the bass line is out of sight.  The melody and words are sweet music to your audience, with more than enough force to keep them moving.

Love Shadow / Standing In The Shadows Of Love / Deborah Washington.  Deborah's first LP is getting great acceptance all over, via Ariola.  "Ready Or Not" warmed disco audiences up to Deborah, and her reincarnation of the classic "Shadows" with a Randy Sills mix should keep the heat on.  Debby was born in Philadelphia, majored in drama at Penn State University, and moved to Los Angeles four years ago.  She's been on "Baretta", "Maude" and "What's Happening", and her training and talent are also showing up with several personal appearances at leading discos throughout the country.  A few weeks ago, after the limo driver realized that New Jersey was just west of the Hudson, Debby showed up at "Feathers" and made it even more fun for everyone there that night.  Billy Rickett, Feathers' head DJ, rolled out the red carpet, and from the first note, Debby had everyone in the room in her hands.  We'll all be hearing alot more from Debby, because when she was asked where she expected to be in five years, she replied, "On top!"

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 23:27, descending from 140 BPM to 128 BPM.  Note how Tom did what are usually very hard fast-to-slow tempo changes by letting some of the songs come to their end before letting the next one roll.  (You may be surprise at how nice some songs' beginnings and endings really are!)

Giving Up, Giving In / Falling In Love / Looking For Love / The Three Degrees.  Here is a whole side from The Three Degrees' debut LP for Ariola.  Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellote wrote the songs, and Giorgio produced.  There is a high degree of magic in these tracks.  The Three Degrees have entertained in person all over the world, and are particularly hot in England.  They should come off the vinyl and onto your dance floor with almost the same immediacy as a live performance.  And the group is enhanced, and really flourishes, with Giorgio's production magic.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:09, at a consistent 134 BPM (beats per minute.)

The Mexican / Disco Circus.  "Disco Circus" was produced by Jurgen Korduletsch on Lollipop, and Tom believes that it will become one of the strongest and most innovative disco LPs of the season.  "The Mexican" is based on the classic piece written by Morricone, and this is the third major version of the song.  The first was done in 1973 by Babe Ruth, a British rock group, and The Bombers, from Canada, did a disco version earlier this year.

Keep Doin' It / Sea Cruise.  The Sea Cruise LP is one of the strongest records in Europe, and U.S. release can't be far away.  "Keep Doin' It" is one of four songs and one 11:51 Beach Boy medley on Celsius' "Sea Cruise" album.  John Pantis and Pat Deserio produced at Son Quebec, mixing there and at Studio Tempo.

That's Why I Dance / David Christie.  Tom first presented David Christie on Volume 1, Number 3 with the single version of "Don't Stop Me, I Like It."  A slightly longer version was on David's first LP in Europe and Canada, and Tom Moulton has put together David's second LP including a 7 minute version of "Don't Stop Me" with seven other new songs.  The Tom N' Jerry album is titled "Back Fire", an upbeat 6 minute song with a nice police radio hook.  Tom picked "That's Why I Dance" to bring David as close as possible to where your audience is at.  David produced and arranged, and Tom Moulton mixed the Paris tracks at Sigma in Philadelphia.

Thunderstruck / The Larry Page Orchestra.  Advance copies of Larry's London LP got immediate attention in Europe, with "Thunderstruck" being one of the strongest of the eight songs on the album.  Blackwell wrote the song, and Larry Page produced.  "Skin Heat"'s cover graphically shows that people like to dance to percussion (especially when there's good music behind it.)

Oh-Nye-Ay / Gene Farrow.  Gene and Chris Warren wrote this very spiritual song, and produced with John Hudson.  It's on Magnet, distributed by EMI, and very hot in England, France, an Italy.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 20:48, building from 122 BPM to 130 BPM.

Pittsburgh.  The town is really turning on to disco.  There are over 30 clubs in a 25 mile radius, and more and more disco music on the radio every month.  Terry Churchfield's Greater Pittsburgh Record Pool is helping 30 area DJs get materials, and greasing the wheels of two-way communications with the record labels.  Terry and pool arranged to pick up Debby Washington and group in a helicopter, so agents need not fear that your act will get second fiddle in steel town!  We called Terry to tell him we were running a little late for our visit, and ordered a delicious dinner from 12,000 feet with many of the pool members.  Jerry Bossa, from Buddah, and Bobby DJ got to see many of the area clubs and get to know some-of the DJs.  Billy Sandor's wit kept us going all the way back to New York.  Terry and many of his DJs are finding DISCONET to be a very practical way to keep up with new releases, have "second copies" of songs which the pool can only provide one copy of, and get an objective, regular flow of programming advice.

Gy Rider wins the LCD chronograph.  Gy returned the feedback card from Volume 2, Number 1, and his pressing serial number (#365) matched the winning number for that program.  We've sent him a solar-powered LCD chronograph that even lights up in dark DJ booths and tells you what day of the week it is.  Gy plays at Dillon's/Westwood Village, near Los Angeles, and grew up in Hawaii.  He first became familiar with DISCONET at the Beverly Hillcrest, and kept us with him when he moved over to Dillon's.  His favorite songs on Number 1 were "Superstar", "It's A Better Than Good Time", "Rhythm of Life", and "Get Your Chic Together."  He asked us when a label would be getting their chic together and release "GYCT", and we reminded Gy that Jesse Portis Helm, our staff psychic astrologer, predicted it would happen in September with early October release.  And since Jesse never lies, standby, Gy.

Correction:  Richard Perez is now music director of WCAV; Rick Howe is program director, and also on the air Monday through Friday; Dick's disco show is six hours (rather than a measly four) every Saturday night.

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