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Bobby DJ has 19 super summer songs for you.

Bobby Dj Guttadaro reviewed 119 new releases, and hundreds more in his golden oldies collection, and has developed four very exciting sets of dance music for you. (Volume 2, Number 1 includes a Special Bonus Program.)

Superstar / Bob Mc Gilpin.  Bobby starts this program with one of the best new artists he's ever heard: Bob McGilpin.  Bob is 26, was born in Ft. Dix, NJ, and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.  After studying music at the University of Nebraska, he formed a hard rock band called Sunday Kid, and toured much of the south and midwest.  Bob's wife Janie cautioned him that "There are 10,000 other guys out there just like you.  You're going to have to be better."  Bob continued to develop his superb sense of showmanship, and joined the popular Lincoln-based horn band called Straight.  Producer Norman Ratner spotted the band, and after six grueling months in Los Angeles, continued to help Bob develop his talents after Straight broke up.  When Norman played some tapes for A.J. Cervantes (president of Butterfly), he was signed on the spot.  As usual, Butterfly's presentation and packaging is immaculate.  Bobby DJ picked the title song of Bob's debut LP, "Superstar", with some very nice added embellishments for your dance floor.  Norm Ratner produced at Redondo Pacific Studios.

Step By Step / Ramona Wulf.  This very upbeat song is on Ramona's Columbia (Canada) LP, "Ramona Wulf/Natural Woman."  Michael Kunze produced, and co-wrote the song with Sylvester Levay (who also played the keyboards and sax.)  There are several good dance cuts on the LP, including "Save The Last Dance For Me" (which was out In the U.S. as a single in 1976.)

It's Good / Linda Lewis.  Linda is a top folk singer in England, and her first big LP in the U.S. was "Lark" on Reprise.  She then signed with Arista, and came out with "It's In His Kiss."  "It's Good" is from the Arista movie soundtrack LP of "The Stud", a critically acclaimed movie involving the disco scene now out in Europe and hopefully due for release elsewhere.  Biddu produced, and co-wrote this very upbeat song with Sammy Cahn.

Stand Up / Atlantic Starr.  Bobby Eli, who blew so many minds as co-writer of The Gospelaires' "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" on Volume 1, Lucky 13, is back again as producer of a great new group called Atlantic Starr.  Their debut A&M LP is very hot all the way.  "Stand Up" was written by Wayne I. Lewis, who also does the lead vocal and arranged the song with the group and Bobby Eli.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17:02, beginning at 124 BPM (beats per minute) and ending at 122 BPM.

Teach Me Tonight / Major Harris.  Here's a supersmooth version of the song originally made famous by the DeCastro Sisters in the 1950's on Apex Records.  There have been many versions of it, and Major Harris shows us his unique talent here with making a relatively slow classic fun to dance to.

La La La / El Chicles.  Bobby DJ first discovered this song in the early 1970's, resting on top of a garbage can outside the Continental Baths!  It became one of his classic smashes in the same place where Bette Midler was first developing her talents.  The Top Tape (Brazil) instrumental single is out of print, but Bobby felt that it will never be out of style.

If You Love Me Like You Say, You Love Me / Alma Faye Brooks.  Betty Wright made this song a big disco/r&b hit in 1972, and Alma Faye Brooks' version has been making some waves via its RCA (Canada) release.  Bobby believes that both this song and Alma deserve wider exposure.

Every Time I See You I Go Wild / High Inergy.  Stevie Wonder wrote this intrigueing number with Sylvia Moy and Henry Cosby, and it's one of several great dance songs on High Inergy's new Motown/Gordy LP, "Steppin' Out."  When you look at the LP's very creative cover, try and guess who gets the guy, and then look at the backside.  Al Willis produced (and co-arranged) "Every Time I See You I Go Wild", and Kent Washburn was executive producer.

It's A Better Than Good Time / Gladys Knight & The Pips.  Their latest (and finest) Buddah LP, entitled "The One And Only Gladys Knight & The Pips", is full of over two decades of talent.  Gladys was born in Atlanta, and at age 7, won the grand prize on Ted Mack's "Amateur Hour" leading to road tours and TV appearances.  "The Pips" were named after Gladys' cousin, James "Pip" Wood (who was their first manager), and Gladys and her brother Merald "Bubba" Knight and their cousins Ed Patten and Bill Guest have now been together almost 30 years.  And for two Grammies and a mine full of gold and platinum records.  Tony Macauley wrote and produced "It's A Better Than Good Time" to help give your dance floor one of the best times ever.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 18:07, building from 103 BPM to 124 BPM.

Get Your Chic Together / Class.  Here is a very smooth and exceptionally well done song, written by Ginger Hendricks who co-produced with Lou Goyette.  Bob Clearmountain engineered at the Power Station in NY, and Bobby DJ did the mix.  Lou knows the dance floor quite well… he's had one of the New York area's most respected mobile disco operations for several years, and offers his clients an exceptionally wide variety of music.  We asked our staff psychic astrologer, Jesse Portis Helm, to look at "Get Your Chic Together" and share with you the various astrological aspects influencing the song.  Jesse's chart is shown on the left, and based on the times and places of recording, here are some of Jesse's observations:

… All 30° of Pisces are in the First House, which is very good musically, as Pisces rules music and discos;

… Aquarius is rising, making the song somewhat different, and definitely not run-of-the-mill;

… Jupiter is trining Uranus in the Eighth House, making "Get Your Chic Together" good for fun, and Leo is on the descendant, making the song great for partying;

… Since the Sun is in Virgo in the Seventh House, your audience will identify very quickly with this song, and understand It without having to hear it more than just a few times;

… The song should do well overseas as well as attaining everything that it should attain because Neptune is in the mid-heaven (and Neptune rules overseas.)

Jesse predicts that the song will begin to gain recognition in September, when Saturn conjuncts the Sun, and should have major release in October.

Naturally, your reaction and your audience's response will be Instrumental in helping the producers to further develop this song.

And if you would like a special limited edition full-size reprint of Jesse's "Get Your Chic Together" astrological chart, simply drop a note to:
Jesse Portis Helm
600 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10016

Rhythm Of Life / Afro Cuban Band.  The Afro Cuban Band is a new group, produced by Mike Zager.  Their new Arista record, "Rhythm of Life", should help you hypnotize your dance floor with that special Zager flair.  Alvin Field wrote the song with Mike, and Jerry Love (who has one of the world's most interesting collections of hats) was executive producer.

How Glad I Am / The Kiki Dee Band.  Elton John arranged this song for his talented protegee, Kiki Dee.  "How Glad I Am" was first a big hit, in ballad form, performed by Nancy Wilson in 1973.  The Rocket record release did well in England and Europe in 1975, yet went relatively unnoticed in the U.S. in its 1976 release.  Bobby first heard Kiki Dee's version of the song on Thanksgiving Day in 1975, when Tom Moulton took him to Madison Square Garden to see Kiki and Elton John perform.  He thinks you and your audience will like hearing it now.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 17:07 at a consistent 128 BPM.  It is interesting to note that while BPMs give you a benchmark on tempo, each of these songs delivers a very different feel to your dance floor.

Bobby DJ's "Golden Oldies" Medley.  Bobby takes us back on this side to the early 1970's with some of the most popular songs he played at the Continental Baths (doing sets in between Bette Midler) and at the Ice Palace on Fire Island (the first summer place in the U.S. to discover what disco is.)  And just like Bobby, you'll - note that many of the people involved in these songs are still making music today.

All God's Children Got Soul / Dorothy Morrison.  Willam Bell and Booker T. wrote this Elektra song, which was produced by Delaney Bramiett (of Delaney & Bonnie fame) and Leon Russell.  Dorothy followed it with a big smash called "Rain."

If It Feels Good, Do It / Della Reese.  Jimmie Haskell arranged and conducted this Avco song.  Della's song, and I Just Can't Forget That Boy / Little Rena Scott, on Black Rock records, were two of the hottest songs of the summer of 1973.

Love Machine / Mc Kinley Jackson & The PoliticiansHot Wax put out an instrumental version of this, and gave Bobby Ronald Dunbar's vocal version (which never got released, but became another summer 1973 favorite.)

(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go / Curtis Mayfield.  This was Curtis Mayfield's first solo record, after he left The Impressions in 1971.  It hit big with Bobby's disco crowd and record sales as well, leading to Curtom's first LP, entitled "Curtis."

Palisades Amusement Park Theme.  Throughout the 1960's, this upbeat commercial written by Gladys Shelley packed the park which is now a couple of condominium developments.  Can you identify the singer?

Eddie My Love / Teen Queens.  This is one of the first songs which Bobby ever played for people.  While it wasn't quite exactly disco yet, Bobby began enjoying playing for people in 1956, and if people are bugging you that you're playing too many new songs, try this one out as a change of pace.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 17:40, starting at 136 BPM and ending at a record-setting 74 BPM.

Rod Huggins wins the LCD chronograph.  Rod plays at Grandpapa' s in Powell, Wyoming.  His pressing serial number of #363 on the feedback card from Volume 1, Number 12 matched the winning number, and we've sent Rod a very nice solar-powered LCD chronograph.  (To win the watch, you've got to send in the card!!!)  Powell is in northwest Wyoming, just east of the Yellowstone National Park.  Grandpapa's reports that the area's early aversion to disco music is now turning towards a developing preference, with their customers remembering that Grandpapa's brought it to Powell first.  Congratulations, Rod!!!

Next program:  Bobby will be back with more sweet summer sounds and super premieres to help set you up for the best fall season which disco has ever had.  Stay tuned.

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