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Tom Savarese has some exciting new songs for you.

Tom reviewed 138 new releases from all over the world, and has developed exciting sets of dance music for you.

Over And Over / Charles Earland.  This is one of the strongest songs on Charles' new Mercury LP entitled "Perceptions."  There's a lot of music here, and you'll probably find new things every time you play "Over And Over."  It was written and produced by Randy Muller and Charles Earland.  Charles Benanty was executive producer.  Recording was done at ODO Sound and Music Farm Studios, both in New York City.  The LP's cover is particularly creative, and will space you out almost as much as the vinyl!

Heaven / Gibson Brothers.  The Gibson Brothers' new LP on Zagora (France), and special disco version of "Heaven" which Tom picked, are making waves throughout European discos.  We'll keep you posted on U.S. release because those waves are already hitting the East coast!

Ain't That Enough For You / John Davis and the Monster Orchestra.  John's new LP for SAM has several good dance cuts, and Tom had a hard time choosing.  He presents the title cut, "Ain't That Enough For You."  It has all of the Davis/Monster magic we've come to expect… a good reaction on the first play which builds a desire to hear it some more.  John wrote, produced, arranged, and conducted.  In between, he lives near Philadelphia, has special license plates with "MONSTR" on, them to help reduce parking tickets, and decided not to run for Mayor of Philadelphia until he sees how Mike Curb does in running for Lt. Governor of California. (Can both coasts really have musically oriented officials?)  Sam Weiss was executive producer.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 21:43, and builds from 130 BPM (beats per minute) to 138 BPM.

One Night Affair / Samona Cooke.  Samona is a new talent recently signed by Midwest Records, and she has everything going for her on this special disco version of "One Night Affair."  The legendary Messrs.  Gamble and Huff wrote it, and Carl Maduri produced.  Tom really got into this song, and feels that you'll want to use "One Night" every night for quite a while.

El Condor Pasa / Back In Time.  This is the title cut of one of Europe's hottest new disco records, on Carrere (France.)  It brings a very danceable new life to Paul Simon's classic, "If I Could", and is one of seven highly recommended cuts on the LP.

The Letter / Queen Samantha.  Here's yet another new version of a familiar song, done with taste and elegance and a strong ear for your dance floor.  Charles Ibhui produced the four strong cuts on the LP, which were arranged, conducted, and executive produced by Harry Chalkitis.  It's moving in Europe via Melba Disques/Vogue (France), and in Canada via Able.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 19:46, building from 126 to 130 BPM.

Survival / Marc Jordan.  Here's a very nice slowdown with a Boz Scaggs feeling, written and sung by Marc Jordan from his new Warner Brothers LP, "Mannequin."  It was produced by Gary Katz, and is beginning to get the radio play it deserves.

Dream Machine / Paul Horn.  Lalo "Mission Impossible" Schifrin wrote this intriguing instrumental, and Al Schmitt produced.  It's on Paul's new Mushroom LP, "Undercurrents."  Tom suggests that you begin this whole side when you want to slow the folks down a little, and perhaps recycle the floor so that people sitting on the sidelines will get up and dance.  It's quite o.k. not to have everyone dancing all the time, ask your bartenders!  It's also o.k. to let a song end through the fade, as Tom does here, alerting your dancer's brains that something is ending and about to begin, especially as Tom does here so you can dance right through the fade.

Girl From Ipanema/Brazilian Nights / Gary Criss.  The first two songs on this side setup this beautiful medley much as clams on the half-shell make that lobster taste even better. The songs are from Gary's new Amazon/Salsoul LP, "Rio De Janeiro."  The title cut received excellent disco response, and Tom feels these numbers will follow in "Rio's" tracks.

Zorba's Dance / Azoto.  This is from the "Azoto/Music Makers Ltd." LP on Vedette (Italy.)  As with "Havah Nagilah" on #11, the arrangements and production are topnotch.  Tom believes that you'll find the entire LP to be a worthwhile addition to your ammunition of new songs to keep making the jigsaw puzzle you put together every night fresh and interesting.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 20:15, and after the slightly slower than usual 110 BPM at the beginning, gets you back up to boogieville at 128 BPM.

Visions Of A New World / Munich Sound Symphony Orchestra.  Michael Kunze has produced four classics with the Munich Sound meeting Dvorak, Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner.  Wolfgang Rodelberger adopted, arranged, and conducted.  "Visions" comes from Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 5, 4th movement.  Keith "Trax" Forsey provided just the right touch to the drums and rhythm so that the original composers would be glad to hear how their classics are being retold in today's terms.  The LP comes with a mind-blowing cover on Karma (Polydor/Germany.)

In The Bush / MUSIQUE.  Tom says that Patrick Adams has a gold record.  There are four super dance numbers on the new Prelude LP, "MUSIQUE/Keep On Jumpin'."  Tom had a hard time choosing, and felt that "In The Bush" offered the strongest contrast to "Visions."  Patrick wrote, arranged, and produced, and it looks like Prelude will continue it's 100% winning streak with MUSIQUE.

Hotel De La Place / Sheila B. Devotion.  One of your favorite DISCONET artists is back, with the title song from Phonogram's movie soundtrack LP, courtesy of Carrere (France.)  It's Sheila all the way, and should be just as upbeat and refreshing as "Love Me Baby" (#1) and "Singin' In The Rain" (#4) were.  The movie is a Marcel Dassault production, and the soundtrack LP has additional dance cuts that Tom feels you'll be interested in.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 2 runs 19:43, and builds from 122 BPM to 134 BPM.

Disco Is Rolling.  Roller rink operators throughout North America are expanding their leisure time entertainment customers thanks to the disco boom.  Over 300 (out of 6,000 rinks in the U.S.) have already invested in disco sound and lighting systems, and report that their investment is returned in less than, six months.  It's giving them extra late-night/weekend skating sessions, aimed at people who normally wouldn't think of going skating on a Saturday night (college age through mid-30s.)  We flew down to Atlanta, and visited with Wayne Ramsey and many of his Southeast Skating Supply customers who were eager to share their disco success stories.  We believe that over 1,000 rinks will be discofied by the end of 1978, creating new demand for talented DJs, and exposing an additional 3 million people each week to disco music.  Maybe Roller Rina was right at Xenon!!!!

Guest DJs. There's no mystery to becoming a guest DJ for DISCONET.  Send us a good reel-to-reel of your work, and be sure to include a bio, a photo, your place and time of birth, and your subscriber number (shown on top of your name and address on the feedback card.)  Tom and Bobby DJ will take a listen, and maybe we'll be flying you to New York sooner than you believed!

Al Paez wins the LCD chronograph.  Al returned the feedback card from #10, and his pressing serial number (#384) matched our lucky winning number.  We've sent Al the beautiful solarpowered watch shown on the left which includes a split-second timer.  Al plays at the Club 4141 in New Orleans, a disco which has lead the way for a long time.  In his spare time, he's also the head of the New Orleans Record Pool.  Congratulations, Al.

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