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Bobby DJ Guttadaro has 10 new songs for you.

Bobby DJ reviewed 107 new releases, and developed two superhot sets of music for your audience's dancing pleasure.

Spend The Night With Me / Silver Convention.  One of disco's hottest landmark groups makes their WORLD PREMIERE on DISCONET Volume 1, Number 8.  The song is funky and upbeat, and will grow on you and your audience… and watch that radio play, as well.  It's from the Silver Convention's new Midsong International LP, "Love In A Sleeper."  John Davis did the arrangements, and Michael Kunze produced at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia.  The entire LP is very strong, and we'll all be spending alot of nights with the Silver Convention.

Tena's Song / Foxy.  Cory Wade is simply a genius.  He produced, and Foxy's new TK/Dash LP entitled "Get Off" is very appropriately named.  Hot, hot, hot.  "Tena's Song" makes its WORLD PREMIERE on this DISCONET program, and you'll find other cuts on the LP which will also work wonders on your dance floor.

Dance (Do What You Wanna) / Sun.  DISCONET welcomes Capitol aboard with a hot new group called "Sun."  Their new LP is entitled "Sunburn", and "DANCE (Do What You Wanna)" is a special disco version starting to get good floor reaction around the country.  The way this winter has been, we can all use a little sun right now!

That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You / Dusty Springfield.  Dusty's enlightened producers and label (United Artists) went all out to develop a very appealing dance number.  It's from the new "Dusty Springfield/It Begins Again" LP, and an excellent example of a pop artist "crossing over" to disco.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 17: 00, building from 114 BPM (beats per minute) to 120 BPM.

Girl From Ipanema / Astrud Gilberto.  The only person in the world who could have redone her classic pop piece with the dance floor in mind is back in action.  Astrud Gilberto's "Girl From Ipanema" makes its WORLD PREMIERE on DISCONET, with arrangements by none other than Vincent Montana, Jr.  What a combination!  The song is from Astrud's new AudiaFidelity/Image LP, "All I've Got."  Astrud was one of Bobby's favorite artists to begin with, and now she's one of his favorite disco artists.  Her vocals can only be described as Astrud, and the breaks are classically Montana.

Gammon In/'S Easy (Chiove)/Gammon Out / Back Gammon by Victor Bach.  Victor Bach arranged, conducted, and produced this very exciting string of songs.  The entire LP, entitled "'s easy/BACH GAMMON", is getting serious attention in Canada where it's out on Nerucci.  Perhaps it shows one way in which disco is moving, and demonstrates that serious music and musicianship are delightfully compatible with very danceable rhythm.  Your feedback scores may help influence U.S. release, so check it out carefully.

You're My Day / Cory Wells.  Cory's first solo LP for A&M is doing well all over the country.  "Touch Me" has some very danceable numbers, and Bobby selected "You're My Day."  David Anderle produced with Cory Wells.

Running In The City / Space.  This is from Space's second LP, "Deliverance", from Vogue (France.)  The songs were written by Ecama, who also wrote two of DISCONET's 1977 "Top 20" on Volume 1, Number 7: "Carry On, Turn Me On" performed by Space on their first LP (still a big disco favorite via United Artists), and "Magic Fly (Journey Into Love)" performed by Kebekelektrik.  TK originally released this, and an entire LP of Kebekelektrik including "Magic Fly…" will be out shortly via Salsoul.  Ecama's writing and the way in which Space translates this (entirely by synthesizers) brings a unique sound to your dance floor.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 19:17, building from 128 BPM to 140 BPM.

Bob Reno #1.  Bob Reno, President of Midsong International Records, recently received #001 DISCONET Volume 1, Number 6 with DISCONET's appreciation for his label's efforts in helping to build disco into a national music force.  Midsong's talented artist roster includes Silver Convention, Carol Douglas and John Travolta, whose acting and dancing in "Saturday Night Fever" is probably doing more to create an expanded interest in disco than just about anything else ever has.  Midsong reports their new distribution arrangement with MCA is working well for both parties, and in between riding a motorcycle around town with Melanie's new Midsong LP, Bob and the label will be bringing us all an expanded array of disco this year.

Disco IV.  BILLBOARD will be hosting the fourth Disco Forum this June, based at the Hilton Hotel in New York.  If you've attended previous Forums, you'll probably come again.  And if you havn't, we highly recommend the experience.  More details in the next DJ NEWS.

Bobby DJ reflects.  Bobby's back in the Big Apple after an exciting six months on the West Coast.  Two of the best things which he experienced were a fantastic, ride on the Great American Revolution roller coaster at Magic Mountain, and working with Donna Summer.  If you think mixing records is hard, Bobby says try mixing tapes… it's a real bitch (we know!!!)  Even with the memory circuits and 24 or 48 tracks, it still takes a deft ear and the magic touch.  He's glad to be back in New York, but suspects that the much-touted Vitamin B-15 may not work as well as some people hoped.  As a former pharmacist and sometimes the last one to turn the lights off (or on?) at some of the Apple's lesser known establishments, this really isn't a fair test for B-15.  Bobby will be making guest appearances at discos (we'll keep you posted), and getting more heavily into mixes.  He just finished a job for Danny Glass' Farr Records, with additional label assignments in the wings.  His sage advice to DJs across the country is to see "The Fury", starring Kirk Douglas.  "On a scale of one to 10, it gets 100.  It's the most frightening movie I've ever seen."

Joe Pandolfi wins an LCD chronograph.  Joe's DISCONET pressing serial number (#333) matched our winning number, and we're sending him a solar-powered, 12 -function LCD chronograph as a "thank you" for returning the feedback card from Volume 1, Number 6.  Joe started with us on DISCONET #5, and would you believe it… the first night he was playing Bobby DJ's program, all the lights went out.  (One of those Connecticut Ice storms.)  Joe was just previewing DISCONET #7 when we talked with him, and his reaction to Programs 5, 6 and 7 was very positive.  Joe started spinning on July 4, 1976 at a club in Derby, Connecticut which didn't even have a DJ booth.  Working with two turntables, one card table, and a Rube Goldberg #1/#2 switch (mixers hadn't hit Derby yet), Joe began turning Top 40 45s into dance sets.  Joe works in an office during the day, and spins three nights a week at the Corner Connection in Hamden, Connecticut.  The club features live bands several nights during the week, with disco sets in between.  Joe now holds an FCC license, and hopes to develop a career in broadcasting.

Next program:  Tom Savarese will have another two-record program for you.  Superhot and supersmooth, as usual.

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