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DISCONET starts 1978 with seven hot new releases: Sheila and Claudja are back

Bobby DJ Guttadaro reviewed 67 new songs, and chose the following seven for your audience's dancing enjoyment:

A Place In Space / Kool and The Gang.  One of disco's pioneer groups make their DISCONET premiere with a hot soul sound from their new De-Lite LP, "The Force."  Kool and The Gang have a unique sound which raises the dance floor temperature atleast 100°!

Thunder In My Heart / Leo Sayer.  Bobby picked a special disco version of this song, from Leo Sayer's new Warner Brother's, LP "Thunder In My Heart."  Leo's music and orchestration appeals to all musical tastes, and he's best known in the disco circuit for his big hit last year, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing."

Love For Sale / Boney M.  Who said Cole Porter couldn't write a disco song?  This melodic arrangement was recorded in Munich and Offenbach, Germany, and is on Boney-M's new Atlantic LP, "Love For Sale."  It's a mover.

Don't Lose That Number (Mumbo Jumbo) / Bionic Boogie.  Bionic Boogie is a new group produced by Gregg Diamond whose previous disco hits with Andrea True and other artists could fill up several DISCONET programs.  Gregg wrote as well as produced several refreshingly new disco songs on the new Polydor LP, "Bionic Boogie."

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 19:26, and builds from 124 BPM (beats per minute) to 130.

Dance With Me / Peter Brown.  Peter is an accomplished painter and sculptor, attended the School of The Art Institute in Chicago, and later became the musical director for the Jorgensen Rangerettes, a nationally known showcorps.  He was honored with the first Gold Record ($1 million or more sales) for the 12" version of "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me" at Billboard's Disco III Convention last summer.  This is the title song for T.K.'s Drive label LP on which "Dance With Me" appears.  It's a great new song from Henry Stone's growing Miami sound explosion.

Johnny, Johnny Please Come Home / Claudja Barry.  Claudja's new Salsoul LP, "Claudja", has so many terrific songs on it that Bobby says he had a hard time choosing.  Claudja was named "Most Promising International Female Vocalist" at the Canadian Record Pool's televised awards show, and we'll look forward to hearing more of Claudja in 1978.

Singin' In The Rain / Sheila B. Devotion.  Sheila's back on DISCONET after a knockout premiere of "Love Me Baby" on Volume 1, Number 1.  "Love Me Baby" is the title of her new LP on Carrere (Disques), France, and "Singin' In The Rain" should fill your dance floors with this program as much as "Love Me Baby" did a few weeks ago.  Sheila's been making concert and TV appearances in France, and will definitely have to put the U.S. on her list for 1978.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 19:22.  It starts at 110 BPM (a welcome break from the usually faster disco beat), and builds to 128 BPM.

DISCONET Guest DJs.  Guest DJ slots have been scheduled throughout 1978.  We'll be presenting the selections, styles and techniques of DISCONET subscribers from all around the country.  To help us preview your work, please send a tape with a set of music no longer than 20 minutes with atleast four songs on it.  As you prepare your "audition" tape, you'll experience the challenge DISCONET's DJs regularly face in developing relatively short sets of music.  Please be sure to clearly mark your name, address, phone, and subscriber number on the tape.

Top 10/1977 Medley.  If you haven't returned the yellow feedback card from Number 3, please do it now!  And be sure to enter your choice of the best three disco songs at the bottom of the card.  Every vote counts, and will add up to a very special DISCONET bonus program in just a few weeks.

Bobby DJ delights New York.  Bobby DJ Guttadaro made a special guest appearance at the new Ice Palace West disco in New York over Christmas, and had everyone on West 57th Street dancing.  He tried out some great new Donna Summer songs from Casablanca's forthcoming move, "Thank God It's Friday" scheduled for release this spring.  And if Bobby's style sounded a little like Tom Savarese during the evening, it was… in the form of DISCONET Volume 1, Number 3, with Cerrone, Claudja Barry, Witchcraft, David Christie, The Trammps, King Sporty, the THP Orchestra, and Salsoul's Christmas Jollies.  Roy Thode (Ice Palace's resident DJ) and just about every spinner who had the night off came to marvel at Bobby's talent.  After recording the next DISCONET program, Bobby's back to Los Angeles to finish up the movie and handle other projects for Casablanca.

The Disco Boom Continues.  Roger Mudd and CBS News highlighted the growing disco boom recently, and (not surprisingly) said it would continue to grow.  The leading lighting and sound installers are booked solid, and now have 6,000 roller skating rinks among their prospect lists as disco music brings new life into this recreation.  The "software" end of the business (including DISCONET's programs) will become even more challenging in 1978.  There will be a wider selection of new releases, and a continued improvement in the product offered as producers and labels put more bucks and talent into new releases.  1978 should also be the Year of the Disco DJ, as more and more club owners and managers increasingly recognize the vital contribution that the DJ makes each night he or she performs.

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